Thursday, 8 December 2011

THURSDAY I'M IN LOVE - The The - 'Love is Stronger than Death'

Open another bottle, enjoy Thursday I'm in Love...a chance to share some of my favourite tracks.

The The - 'Love is Stronger than Death' (1993)

I was just going through some old CD's and I found this gem, The The's Dusk, a brilliantly atmospheric and heartfelt album, seedy in places and immensely moving in others. I immediately listened to it the whole way through, which is a rarity these days with iPods and hard drives, it was a real treat as I remember listening to this album when it came out and it sounds as good now as it did then. Crumbs, what song to choose!? 'Dogs of Lust'? 'Helpline Operator'? It had to be 'Love is Stronger than Death', a beautiful and emotional song, poignantly written for front man, Matt Johnson's, late brother and it gets me every time!

It reminds me of an evening of gastronomical activity with good friends Jon and Kate (who have also guest spotted on this blog). It was back in the day before the demands of parenthood, when opening a third bottle of red seemed like natural progression. The consequences of such an action were not even considered in those days, a hangover is unfathomable now, with the prospect of a toddler bouncing on your bed at 05h30 in the morning demanding to know why Diplodocus is a vegetarian, unthinkable!

We sort of played a musical version of Russian roulette, picking a CD from the shelf, playing a favourite track from it and reminiscing about it. Essentially an inspiration for this blog, as circumstances prevent us seeing friends as often as we'd like, so why not do it virtually.

The The - 'Love is Stronger than Death'

The The's official website

Never mind bloody Sauropods from the late Jurassic period...Just check out more of my favourite

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THURSDAY I'M IN LOVE - The The - 'Love is Stronger than Death'
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8 December 2011 at 12:45

Such a fantastic track. An old pal, who now lives in New Zealand, first got me onto it.. This ones for you Daz!

8 December 2011 at 18:39

Ah the fun game of picking songs from whatever cds are lying around. Used to do that a lot and thats the best time to rediscover forgotten faves. I've never heard this song! Nice chilled heart felt emotion. I'm sure I know some The The but not sure which ones!

11 December 2011 at 10:02

Brilliant Track, I did have a The The phase but can't remember anything now. sad! Did you know that a Plonkesaurus did not fart!

14 December 2011 at 10:54

Missed this when you first posted it, but great track, and remember that night very well! Can't beat the collaboration of Johnson / Marr on this album. Dogs Of Lust was definitely my top track but there's not a duff track to be found on it. Annoyed me a little that their mixes for single releases were pretty much always different to the album mix though.