Sunday, 26 May 2013

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 26/05/2013 - Pure X, Ms Mr, Frank's Daughter, The National, The Uncluded

Five tracks that poofed up our pillows this week...

Frank's Daughter - 'Playground 71'/'Best Glow' AA Side single (2013)

I've previously featured Frank's Daughter as a TOTW and Playground 71’/’Best Glow’ has grabbed my attention again.  It is a double AA side single from the Deptford duo and is released 10th June on Immure Recordings. Fans of Thom Yorke/Radiohead & Portishead should take note, as Playground 71 certainly has elements of Thom Yorke's Eraser material.
Pure X - 'Thousand Year Old Child' (2013)

Eugh, I'm back in the rain and single figure temperatures after an immaculate week on an Aegean peninsula, gutted. This track gives me happy memories of gazing out on a shimmering sea while Mount Olympus towered in the far distance. There was little to do then but appease the Gods by eating, drinking and listen to music, unearthing a few sparkling gems. This one courtesy of a free weekly playlist from ADM (which you can subscribe to here, subscribe to our playlist here first though). 'Thousand Year Old Child' is taken from the Texan trio's second album, Crawling Up The Stairs, released earlier this month.
By Zeus, check out Pure X's website here....

London Scouser:-
The Uncluded - 'Delicate Cycle' (2013)

To quote The Fast Show's Jesse "This week I 'ave been mostly listening to.... the new album by Black Books" and not a lot else. I did however listen to the podcast of Scroobius Pip's 'The Beatdown' and instantly loved a track he played. The Uncluded are a coming together of rapper Aesop Rock and folk singer Kimya Dawson..... And that is the extent of my knowledge of them !!! As for the song, it starts off almost aggressive with talk of severing limbs before it completely changes and the folky part of the song comes in. Reading this it probably shouldn't work, but I think it does. It reminds me of Edie Brickell and her style a little which ticks the box for me. The video is interesting too, and I dare you not to say 'aaaahhhh' at the kitten and poodle featured.

Check the website here...

Old Pa's Corner:-
The National - Demons(2013)


This is a good one, taken from the latest National's new album called  'Trouble will find Me'  I like that title. Lead singer Matt Berninger has got one of these very recognisable voices, very much like the Editors, Interpol or Tinderstcks front men.

This is definitely up to the high standards of their previous albums. I am looking forward to listening to the rest of this. They are fast becoming a new national treasure.

Shell Hunter:-
Ms Mr - 'Hurricane' (2013)

I was looking up the xFM playlist the other day and my eye was drawn to the name 'Ms Mr' (official site here). It reminded me a bit of Mister Mister from way back when, so I checked them out. It seems there is some serious hype around this girl/boy duo from New York. The single 'Hurricane' has been getting a lot of airplay recently and it sounds like Florence Welch singing with Massive Attack backing. Their debut album Secondhand Rapture was released 13th May and with a style that has been described as "chillwave", it has sparked my interest. When the band were first stepping out in the world, they created an air of mystery by not revealing their names and only releasing limited photos. In fact they were referred to as Ms (vocals) and Mr (music). I don't normally like a gimmick as I believe it is a guise if the band don't have any talent! Well, there are no worries there, these guys obviously do and I feel this song becoming a firm favourite of mine.

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  1. As I stare out at the Sailing boats on the horizon, this is the last day I will be dipping my toes in the Gulf of Thailand - Tomorrow will be a vey lomg day (let alone a lomg flight).

    FC - Zeus would be proud
    LS - A little unsure, but I did say "aaaahhhhh"
    OP - Look forward to the album
    SH - A grower

    kob kun krab!

  2. SFW - Portishead and Yorky is spot on Winning combo....I think so!
    FC - Dionysus would be proud of this one
    Pt 1

  3. SFW. I've suddenly lost my appetite for some reason! I didn't missed this the last time you featured it. Nice one.

    Flycasual. Back to work, back to reality. Another new name to me and a good shoegazey feel to the tune.

    London Scouser. You're dead right, it theoretically shouldn't work, but so does. Very good indeed. (And yes, of course I said aaaahhhh!)

    Old Pa. Here's a band I thought I knew, but it turns out I don't. I'd written them off a long time ago as not being my bag, but I like this tune a lot. It's got a touch of Bob's 'Most of the Time' about it don't you think?

    Shell Hunter. What is it with you guys this week? You've featured a few unsettling videos among your selections. This tune is OK and no doubt a grower with a few radio plays.

  4. SFW. '....didn't missed...' what am I talking about? Time for a coffee I think!

  5. LS - sort of cute ish!
    SH - think i'm with TS on this one
    TS - thought it reminded me of somthing...going to listen to MOTT right now.

  6. Sfw, video...why? I'd love to invite those girls for a picnic though. Great track, I'm looking fwd to hearing more from these guys.

    LS, this is like watching free form dance, nonsense in the name of art. I appreciate the innovation but I've never been a big fan of Aesop Rock's style, not for me. I didn't say aaahhh...

    Old Pa, good stuff, needs further listening for me to give it the appreciation it deserves.

    SH, this was actually on my shortlist for TOTW too, love it. I wasn't sure at first but it has really grown on me. Video like totally grossed me out man.

  7. Sfw- 2 out of 2 good ones from this group now. Very Thom Yorke
    Pa- Look forward to their new stuff, this is good
    Fly- I like this too, just need to find a shimmering sea now!
    Ls- not sure about this, it does work but it gets a bit repetitive