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Joe Strummer - Evil Darling


JOE STRUMMER - Evil Darling (2004)

My name is Jill, I have 5 children from 4 different Partners, I am a Carer. My last Partner Jim, left me for a younger girl. It hit me hard as I thought we would be together forever.

My best friend Dona persuaded me to have a night out with her, it was my first outing since the split. I put my glad rags on and if I said it myself. 'Hey you have still got it girl.'

We were on our way to the local Pub, The Cross, it was Friday night and it was karaoke. I was looking forward to it, but really had no illusions. I was still getting over Jim.

On the way we passed two guys, one had gorgeous blue eyes, just like robin's eggs. I felt a tremble of excitement. I looked back. He looked back. Our eyes met for a brief moment. I shook!   

We reached the pub and got our drinks, it was busy, smokey and noisy. About 30 minutes later I looked up and I saw the guy who passed earlier, he was walking towards me. He introduced himself, his name was Winston, he was an unemployed fork lift driver. He was born in Jamaica.

We talked all night, it was if we had know each other all our lives. By the end of the evening we were an item. Winston was a tender lover he seemed to know what turned me on. Winston moved in with me and the kids within the week.

Everything was just perfect, we lived in perfect family bliss. I had never been so happy.

A few months later I noticed a change in Winston, he became lazy around the house. He began to ignore me.

It was then I noticed that my 13 year old daughter Chardonnay became withdrawn and she was having problems at school..............  

Inspired by Old Ma's Magazines.....great toilet reading!   

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Joe Strummer - Evil Darling
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