Tuesday, 4 June 2013

WEDNESDAY CLUB - J.J. CALE - Same Old Blues Again

 - Come on you Reds, the Dandy Dons of course -
The red the green and the blue

J.J. CALE - Same Old Blues (1974)

This is a great track from J.J. Cale, from his album Okie (1974).

I had just got into J.J. Cale and was visiting my late sister Carole in May 1980. I always brought her compilation tapes and this time I had several J.J. Albums with me.It was my big thing of the moment and I wanted her to share.

It was always a big drinking session when I visited and this was no exception. I remember through the haze with the Same Old Blues (pity it wasn't called the Same Old Reds Again) playing loud that Aberdeen had just clinched the Scottish League Title after a 5-0 win on final day of the season. It was only Aberdeen's second league title, the last one being in 1955.

Alex Ferguson was jumping around hugging his players. Aberdeen had beaten Celtic and Rangers for the League title. The rest of the Sir Alex story is now part of football folklore.

Aberdeen was the first football match I had seen. My uncle Morgan took me when I was 5. I cannot remember too much about him but I do remember I liked him he was gentle and was a fantastic artist.

Unfortunately he died very soon after. 

J.J. CALE with LEON RUSSEL - Same Old Blues (Live)

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - J.J. CALE - Same Old Blues Again
4/ 5


5 June 2013 at 07:25

J.J. Cale - pure groove genius.
Alex Ferguson - nearly as good as David Moyes.

5 June 2013 at 12:32

I love JJ Cale, really smooth. I can just imagine him sitting on his porch supping bourbon, watching the lightning storms and hunting critters. As for Aberdeen, I'll never forget the ECWC final against Real Madrid. That's what got me into football, a real inspiration to all underdogs, like me.

5 June 2013 at 13:20

I'm more than happy to live without football, but that's a nice story and flycasual's picture of JJ on the porch with a bourbon in his hand sounds sublime. Great tune too.