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THURSDAY I'M IN LOVE - Chemical Brothers feat Willy Mason - 'Battle Scars'

Thursday I'm in love, a chance for me to share some of my favourite German sausages!  

Chemical Brothers feat Willy Mason - Battle Scars (2007)

Willy Mason has been camped in my brain over the last few weeks now. Most likely because I was hooked on the beautiful bittersweet track he did with Lianne Le Havas, 'No Room for Doubt', Sfw's recent post and reading about his impending 3rd album release which you can download his new track 'Restless Fugitive' here for free.

As a result, it's reminded me of a fantastiche track, 'Battle Scars', which he did with the Chemical Brothers (see another post here), on their 2007 album We are the Night. This is an amazing song, with it's distinctive bassline, layers of Glockenspiel, synths and piano with Willy Mason's gruff voice perfectly complimenting the lot! Brilliant. I especially love the feel the song creates in my head, especially now Willy is lodged there.

Willy Mason, likes German sausage*
This song transports me to a town outside Frankfurt where I attended a Lufthansa training course a few years back. I was hoping to enjoy a couple steins with the locals after the day was over but the group I was with weren't the most social, maybe it was me. Actually it was me. So I decided to go it alone, it was a small town with not much going on but I came across a place with big sign on the window stating 'Internet bar', perfect, a few drinks, a surf and chat to the missus on MSN. The reception was less than ideal however, as it felt like the music stopped and all eyes were upon me, which they were. A scene not too dissimilar to the Slaughtered Lamb in Werewolf in London or the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars whichever's your preference.

I always seem to find myself in these awkward situations and it looked like the hosts were waiting for me to make my move. I asked in my worst German (mostly in English) if they had the Internet, to which the reply came back as "sorry no speak", bizarre as most Germans I have come across speak better English than I do. Not fancying my chances in a Bavarian standoff, I slinked away back to the hotel with my dreams of beer and bratwurst all but shattered.

I was in good company though as I brought back a couple of tinnies (no I said tinnies, not tranny's) and decided to listen to music. I had a copy of the We are the Night album to which I must have listened to this song about 10 times whilst watching 'Celebrity Hide the Weiner' or something equally mind numbingly entertaining which the Continent do so well. It was a good night.


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THURSDAY I'M IN LOVE - Chemical Brothers feat Willy Mason - 'Battle Scars'
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