Thursday, 5 April 2012

THURSDAY I'M IN LOVE - Frank Sinatra - 'Come Rain or Come Shine'

Thursday I'm in love.....a chance for me to grovel!!

Frank Sinatra - 'Come Rain or Come Shine' (1962)

This time last week saw me in my Speedos, roller blading down Muscle Beach to the sounds of Crockett's Theme on my Walkman. Ok not quite, I certainly wouldn't subject that kind of horror show on anybody but I did, along with SFW attend a close mutual friend's wedding near Palm Beach, Florida (I know!!). However, despite the sea, sun, friends and the most perfect and wonderful occasion, my wife wasn't by my side to share in the love fest, therefore part of me was missing.

Inevitably the wedding rekindled memories of mine and therefore why I have chosen this magnificent version of this song. It's probably my favourite ever love song and I'm covered in goose pimples each time I hear it. Not only is the sentiment just about right but the arrangement is immaculate (by producer Don Costa) from the strings to the moment the band all kick off about 02:30 in the song making you want to kick your leg out, wrapping things up with a big finish (not to mention the muted horns adding to the drama). It's just pure class, just like my wife Sophie who introduced me to this song.

Don't learn a dance on your big day? Then you best get a helmet, that crockery sets gonna hurt!

Needless to say we used it for our 1st dance at our wedding but one tiny regret I have of that day is not learning a few moves to go with it. So instead of sweeping the new bride in Big Band majesty across the dance floor it ended up looking like two 13 year olds shuffling away awkwardly at the last dance at a school disco (well I certainly did anyway). It's my fault, I should have paid more attention to Strictly Come Dancing, gaddman it!

Frank Sinatra - 'Come Rain or Come Shine' (Live In Buenos Aires 1981)

Love up?? Well even if you're not, strut your stuff over to more of my favourite tunes here...

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THURSDAY I'M IN LOVE - Frank Sinatra - 'Come Rain or Come Shine'
4/ 5


5 April 2012 at 08:29

Frank at his very best...shame about crawling?

5 April 2012 at 10:33

Crawling? Oh no need, it's all above board. Sickening maybe but it's what you do when you're in love....

5 April 2012 at 20:10

Ah, now you have stolen my heart with this Frank song! He can always bring back the romantic to even the most tired soul! Glad your last Thursday get away was so sweet. Sadly the song is now unavailable, but I loved the story.