Thursday, 10 May 2012

GIVE ME A GUITAR!!! - Killing Joke - 'Millennium'

Killing Joke - Millennium (1994)

I'm going through a bit of Metal head phase at the moment inspired by Sfw's Torche tune on our TotW, notably listening to a back catalogue of Ministry and Killing Joke. So hence this post, the song which belatedly introduced me KJ.

It's 23:59 on Dec 31st 1999, we're all huddled together getting ready to countdown the new millennium, we grit our teeth and close our eyes. There's an air of anticipation, as in one minute it's the end of the world (sponsored by the Daily Mirror), the locusts are coming, a mass alien invasion, Y2K this, Y2K that, bringing western society to it's knees. All a little bit inconvenient I thought, as more importantly the Millennium playlist I made for this party seemed to be going well, Killing Joke's riff-tastic Metal classic, 'Millennium' a highlight. I felt it a fitting soundtrack to accompany The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to the party and it would be a shame should Prince's prophecy come true and ruin it now.  

Why so Serious?
Then I opened one eye....the sausage roll I had my eye on earlier is still there. Then the other eye...the girl who decided that 'I'll do' and share the fall of mankind with, is still there albeit briefly as she loses interest and goes off to dance again, what a cataclysmic anti-climax. But that's ok, as when I first heard this track, it was back in 1994 on the bus ride home from Hounslow to Hayes and that journey is suitably apocalyptic!

Prophecies, the end of the world, the boys are still at it after a 30 year career with a new album entitled 'MMXII', bloody hell! Check their official website

Capturing that sort fear of the unknown, Killing Joke's 'Millennium' was perfect, second only to Prince's 'oh no what's gonna happen, f@&k it lets have a party' classic '1999'. But do you remember any Millennium themed others? Doom ridden or otherwise?

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GIVE ME A GUITAR!!! - Killing Joke - 'Millennium'
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10 May 2012 at 20:39

Great story... To be honest, can't remember an awful lot about Millennium Eve, not because I was merrily intoxicated but because I think it was just pretty boring...

Loved Killing Joke from the off though, and a tiny, minor and hardly-worth-mentioning-but-will-anyway moment was being in the Notting Hill Gate Record & Tape Exchange in the 80s when Jaz Coleman came in for a browse. He looked serious then, too. No punchline to this I'm afraid... but I guess just all part of "living in the eighties"... (see what I did there?!)

(Saw Nick Cave in there once too, btw!)

11 May 2012 at 06:57

Hi C, thanks for the comment. I do see what u did there....Eighties....always worth mentioning record stores and brushes with the stars. Even stars such as Right Said Fred, (I work at the airport so get plenty opportunity). I also saw Nick Cave looking suitably dapper at Heathrow terminal 4, buying a double skinny macchiato at Starbucks (probably was just a water)
Ok maybe I shouldn't mention Right Said Fred!

13 May 2012 at 10:19

Great Post, very well constructed. Shades of Ramstein. I lie it 'tho...will have to check out that new album

13 May 2012 at 11:30

Funny you should mention Rammstein as they kicked off in 1994 and they have often been cited as being influenced by Killing Joke's sound.

20 May 2012 at 11:12

What can I say? Great song and I remember this well! I think it went over most of the party goers heads to be fair but I do remember you and I acknowledging each other when you put it on! Brilliant song. I owe it to myself to hear more. My next mission!