Sunday, 22 July 2012

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 22/07/12 - Rollo Jean, Winston Reedy & The Donkey Jaw Bone, Cat Power, Alt-J

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Cat Power - Ruin (2012)

Cat Power (aka Chan Marshall's) latest track, features a great piano melody and lyrics that are based on the idea of travel (mentions of Saudi Arabia & Great Britain can be heard).  Although I can't hear Pollenca, Mallorca (where I was this time, last week), it get's you in the mood, or may even give you some destination ideas!

Download it for free from RCRDLbl here

Old Pa's Corner :-
Winston Reedy & The Donkey Jaw Bone - 'Buying and Selling' (2012)

This track is taken from the Album 'Make a Change' (click for full review of album and information about Winston) a collaboration between Winston Reedy and the French Reggae Band 'The Donkey Jaw Bone'. Now that is what I call one cool name for a Reggae or in fact any Band. This track just ambles along quite nicely and really the lyrics are a bit stupid. 'Your Grandmother is an old turnip' but it is his voice and the way he says the words in that Jahmaycan accent that tips the balance for me. There are probably better tracks on the album 'Make a change' and 'Lion of Judah' maybe, but 'Buying and Selling' is fun and very enjoyable indeed.

Shell Hunter:-
Alt-J - 'Tessellate' (2012)

I've kept hearing the name Alt-J over the last couple of weeks but never got round to giving them a listen. After hearing this track which is their new single out on 16th July, it immediately reminded me of the XX with its sparse backing and fragile singing. It sparked my interest big time! I found out that although they sound very electronic, they use no electronic instruments at all! Their new album 'An Awesome Wave' has been hailed by many. If it spans many genres including Dubstep and Folk and is as clever as most make out, I am looking forward to listening to it over our mini heatwave (now that's what I call 'an Awesome wave')! There has been some intriguing comparisons to that of Radiohead, Fairport Convention and Wild Beasts so with all this behind them, it screams success! Oh, and for those of you(like me) that didn't know, Alt-J is what you type on a Mac to get the triangle symbol! Very geeky, so I definitely like that!


Check out their site for tour info and to follow the band!

Rollo Jean - 'Cellar of Love' (2012)

'Cellar of Love', my dream of rows upon rows of dusty bottles of red wine all settling down?.... Hmmm, Probably not....Nevertheless this is a fabulous saucy slice of camptastic 21st century Disco. I heard in on Lauren Laverne's BBC6 radio show a couple of weeks ago and the catchy beat, the high pitched vocals, the strings, it all ticks my Disco box. I have this urge to don an all in one white 'boogie suit' and take over the dance floor, probably not in a Travolta way but more like an elephant seal kind of way.... 

Like a good wine, Bristol based Rollo Jean, seems to have let this song mature for what looks like a couple of years now and is going for an official release this August. A vintage year awaits?! 

Download Rollo Jean's free 2 track album..... from band camp here.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 22/07/12 - Rollo Jean, Winston Reedy & The Donkey Jaw Bone, Cat Power, Alt-J
4/ 5


22 July 2012 at 17:31

Fab to hear Cat Power back. Good track. Is there an album up-coming?

The Donkey Jaw Bone! Yes, that is a fantastic name. Great song, too.

Alt-J - Fairport? Really? Interesting song, though. Nice sound.

Rollo Jean - fun but I can't see me donning a white suit just yet, not unless it's a straight jacket.

22 July 2012 at 18:39

SB - 'Ruin' by Cat Power features on her new album 'Sun' - out in Aug!

SH - Love this track, was going to be one of my TOTW's.

FC - hmmmm, needs a few goes

Old Pa - Very nice in the sunshine!

22 July 2012 at 21:40

Oooh, I've read that Rollo Jean could be the next Mika, that would be tragic. Anyway one for your lady Sfw, I know she's a fan!

23 July 2012 at 22:25

I've had the best work break ever! Free coffee from my insider at Pret A Manger and 3 fabulous tracks! SH, like you I only heard of them but not any material....captivated by the song, great video too, I want more. Will listen to album fo sho!
Sfw, I've only heard a few Cat Power tracks so I'm a Chan rookie but this is really good, thoroughly enjoyed it. I want to get into her.

Old Pa.. This is a fantastic slice of old skool reggae, I love it. Great chorus, good diverse use if fruits in the song, even the flute is brilliant. Some top choice Reggae tunes lately, maybe make it a regular feature???

24 July 2012 at 09:57

Sfw - really like this, mellow but dancy!
Pa - brilliant sound and yes bizarre lyrics...where's ma sweet potato?
Fly - discotastic!! Hope he doesn't get like Mika. That would suck

24 July 2012 at 10:16

SFW - i like the Cat - this is good taster
SH - this is great, their influences are quite impressive.....I will be checking out this album ASAP. (have you got it?) oh!for some rain!
FC - very Michele Friendly..i want one of these dancing suits maybe in snake skin...slinky python!!!

29 July 2012 at 13:41

Great to have Cat Power back in action and she takes it by a nose for me this week, just ahead of Alt-J.