Saturday, 15 September 2012

SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX! - LCD Soundsystem - 'Someone Great'

I was a late subscriber to LCD, but it was my fault. Flycasual bought me an album, which was their first in 2005 and I actually remember saying (and I quote Back To The Future) "I'm sorry but it's just too damn loud." I safely decided, I was not ready for LCD....

The sad thing I had to say is, I wasn't ever a fan of LCD, until it was too late. You don't know what you've got, until it's gone! I had the chance to see his last ever gig at the Ally Pally (don't do it) but the story of why I didn't is just too much to go through again (if you you are particularly sadistic check my Hot Chip post about the gig here). On the build up to the gig, I listened to what was a 'best of' of sorts from Flycasual and a few favourites that I had. I actually started thinking, "Shit, this stuff is so damn good, I can't wait!"

And that's what I thought today, I treated myself to listening to an album of his at the gym which was 'Sound Of Silver' and it truly is a fantastic specimen of dance-punk. As a whole album, it works and with every clunk of the cowbell and every tish of the snare, I picture exposed brickwork, wrought iron stairs and cool trendy New Yorkers out on their Friday Night!

When 'Someone Great' came on, already a firm favourite of mine, I thought about people in my life who I thought were great. It probably doesn't relate to the lyrics much. The person that immediately came to my mind when the song started, was a little monster, who has awed me the minute I saw him. Every time I see him, he shocks and amazes me in ways that I never expect. Telling me what to do when he's only 3yrs old is only the start, I'll gladly do what he says for some time, providing its watching cartoons and playing with Lego!

The video for this track is okay, but you need to hear the track from the album (or my spotify playlist here) to get the whole effect where it creeps up on you. If you like this track, please listen to the whole album now unlike me who didn't at the beginning.


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SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX! - LCD Soundsystem - 'Someone Great'
4/ 5


15 September 2012 at 21:32

Such a tune from a fantastic album! Shame about that bloody Ally Pally gig. I think the little monster wants to watch Bug Life with you as I said your favourite character is the German caterpillar. 'Look at me I'm a beautiful butterfly'

19 September 2012 at 17:04

I was also a late subscriber to LCD but they've certainly made some tuunes! Great stuff!