Sunday, 16 September 2012

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 16/09/12 - Easy Star All-Stars, Calexico, Kodaline, Atoms For Peace

Four tracks that were just so doggone good this week...what were yours? Let us know!

Old Pa's Corner :-
Calexico - Fortune Teller(2012)
I just became aware that one of my favourite groups 'Calexico' have a new album 'Algiers' out this week. I immediately sampled the new tracks and this one 'Fortune Teller' made an instant impression. I found this live take of the song which they did at a benefit concert at the Fox Tucson Theatre, January 15, 2012. I chose this version as it features a video of Calexico in all their glory with Joey Burns giving a supreme vocal performance.

As an added bonus here is a live accoustic session take for your edification.

Easy Star All-Stars - 'Thrillah' Feat Mickey General and Spragga Benz (2012)

Easy Star's Thrillah, a Reggae tribute album covering Michael Jackson's iconic album Thriller anyone? Eee-hee...shamon! Yes please! I'd normally be a bit dubious about cross genre covers as a bit of a novelty but the Easy Star All-Stars have a great track record (Pink Floyd, 'Dub Side of the Moon and Radiohead with 'Radiodread'). It's definitely an unenviable task to take on such a classic album and one I grew up with (who didn't) but they have done it justice, certainly on the majority of the tracks. 

I'm especially pleased with Easy Star's Thrillah as it's perfect for incompetent dancers like myself. How many times have you seen drunken men at a wedding, upon hearing an MJ tune, all of sudden and inappropriately grab their crotch, kick out a leg and fall in a heap after trying to twirl like him? Instead I can request the DJ to play an Easy Star version, and despite the inevitable piss taking from my wife, skank and shuffle along to it, which I can do very well.  

It was difficult to pick my favourite off the album and I couldn't possibly post two songs...that's against the rules. So to avoid confrontation, as I'm a lover not a fighter, check out 'The Girl is Mine' featuring Roots heavyweights, Steel Pulse here.....

Shell Hunter:-
Kodaline - 'All I Want' (2012)

This video had me gripped from the very start. It wasn't until the crescendo at the end that I realised sniffing, hey it was this song that has really made it a great video. The vocals have got a familiar Thom Yorke fragility to them. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, it normally isn't mine but it's managed to turn my head. And good timing too, the Dublin 4 piece has just released their debut EP simply titled 'The Kodaline' last week. The 4 tracks on it are all unique in my opinion, and I would struggle to categorise them into one genre. Perhaps rock-folk? Regardless, I can imagine them being welcomed into the Bon Iver, Dry The River loving community. Welcome I say! Click to see their other videos which are worth a watch too and sign up to their mailing list!

Atoms For Peace - 'Default' (2012)

I am a sucker for Radiohead / Thom Yorke and all of Oxford's finest so whilst we await another album, Atoms For Peace will have to do! Atoms for peace are Thom Yorke, Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), multi-instrumentalist Mario Refosco, Joey Waronker (Beck) & Radiohead producer Nigel Goodrich.   This track can certainly be seen as a follow up to Thom Yorkes 2006 album The Eraser, and even if it's just a "bit of fun", it's got me intrigued and I can't wait to hear more. The B-side, 'Tamer Animals', a remix of a track by Other Lives – who have supported Radiohead on tour. I think it is brilliant, however my wife doesn't like the knocking in the background!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 16/09/12 - Easy Star All-Stars, Calexico, Kodaline, Atoms For Peace
4/ 5


16 September 2012 at 16:10

FC - hmmm the rain doesn't help
Old Pa - This is brilliant
SH - My Fav

Good work!

17 September 2012 at 10:31

Old Pa, yeah great stuff from Calexico, currently listening to the album at the moment though no stand out as yet. Can't wait to see them tomorrow.

SH, this is excellent, you're right great video too!

Sfw, pal Thrillah brings the sunshine! I heard this track the other day and had to find out who it was. Really good.

18 September 2012 at 11:09

FC - Not sure about is not unpleasant
SH - Loved this and great video too, as you say very Bon Iver...I wonder if my dogs think I am handsome?
SFW - Jury is out on this one too...will have to listen to it a few times before verdict

22 September 2012 at 08:40

An interesting selection as ever this week chaps. I'm definitely not a sucker for Thom Yorke normally, however I really enjoyed the Atoms for Peace track sfw.

23 September 2012 at 13:24

Pa- Calexico can do no wrong, I love their album but the stand out track on the first hearing was Maybe On Monday. Superb gig too.
Fly- what's there not to like? it's reggae and its MJ...shamone!
Sfw- Top track, absolutely love it!