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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 04/11/12 - Jackamo Brown, The D.O.T., Willy Mason,Bat For Lashes

Autumn leaves be fallin', no matter these tunes will pick you up! What were yours??

Shell Hunter:-
Jackamo Brown - When She Comes (2012)

Here's another great recommendation from London Scouser (see his guest spots posts here). Whilst checking out Scroobious Pip's website for merchandise, he noticed an album for sale by Jackamo Brown (not to be mistaken for the website selling clothes for the larger lad) on Pip's own record label Speech Development. Already loving Mr.Pip's style and skill with spoken word and those he's toured with, surely it would be worth checking out the album which is called 'Oh no. The Drift of the World'. I wasn't disappointed and love this song in particular, which sounded a bit like one of my favourite Radiohead songs, 'Exit music for a film' from the OK Computer album. That, coupled with the Leonard Cohen darkness in the vocals hooked me good and proper, you can almost hear the hurt!

Check his blog here, there's also some free downloads as well as other interesting material!
The D.O.T. - 'Weapon of Choice' (2012)

You get two for one on this track, starting out as a jolly number before turning mildly apocalyptic towards the end, brilliant! For me, 'Weapon of Choice' is the sharpest track out of an arsenal of 11 from The D.O.T.'s 'And That' album, the new project from Mike Skinner (The Streets) and Rob Harvey (lead singer of the now defunct The Music). It's also the only song in which Mike Skinner sings, whereas the rest sees him at the helm, as chief beat creator.

It's a great album and a slight move away from his UK Garage infused Streets days, flirting with Rock, Dubstep and Electronica. With some notable moments, it's well worth your time. (Freedom Fighters..great tune!)

The D.O.T. official website....

Willy Mason - 'Carry On' (2012)

Willy Mason is back! He's been given us snippets of new material over the last few months but this really excites me.  The new album "Carry On" is released on December 3rd and whilst you'll be able to catch him on tour now with Ben Howard, he has his own Headline UK tour (catch me at the Cardiff date!) in March 2013.

Willy Mason Carry On Tune Doctor

Old Pa's Corner:-
Bat For Lashes - All Your Gold (2012)


I kind of like the name Bat for Lashes, I wonder if means a cricket bat instead of a whip or maybe is it a blood sucking flying rodent for a sexy vampira. Enough of this drivel, this song All Your Gold is taken the album The Haunted Man and I think it is all rather good. I am not too familiar with BFL but on this track there is definitely a bit of Kate Bush with a little Tom Waits as a side. Heady mix! Thank you SFW for pointing them out to me a few weeks back.!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 04/11/12 - Jackamo Brown, The D.O.T., Willy Mason,Bat For Lashes
4/ 5


7 November 2012 at 19:56

All hits, no misses!

Old Pa - I've got a musical crush on this lass at the mo.
FC - Skinner is a genius.
SH - My Fav, New to me and i'll be checking out more!

9 November 2012 at 13:02

I'm enjoying Bat For Lashes' album right now even though this song reminds of Gotye's 'Somebody...'. But that's ok this has miles more quality.

Jackamo Brown, great discovery but I can't believe this song is only 2:20 long, you want it to go on!

Finally Willy drops his new album, good stuff, looking fwd to hearing it!

11 November 2012 at 10:11

Fly- excellent stuff! I honestly did think it was 2 songs when I first heard it.
Sfw - yay! Willy is back! I love his voice and will be listening to this for sure.
Pa - The more I hear this track the more I like it, a grower!

2 December 2012 at 14:34

SH - this is good but she came too quick!
SFW - I love Willie will have to get his album straight away
FC - this is really good especially part 2