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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 11/11/2012 - Astronauts etc, Lawrence Arabia, Neil Young, Vitalic

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Astronauts, etc - 'You Can Yell' (2012)
Astronauts, etc is Anthony Ferraro, and there is something about this song. Somewhere in between Bon Iver and Filter, it's a song that will be on my 'Tracks of the Year' and it should be on yours! I absolutely love it. 
Shell Hunter:-
Vitalic - 'Stamina' (2012)
Where on earth did I find this little electronic wonder? I saw a CD lying around at work unopened from French music and culture magazine Les Inrockuptibles (official website here if you can speak French!) and after seeing a few familiar artists (Band of horses, Willy Moon and Bat for Lashes) plus some not so familar artists, I took it and said thank you very much! The song that stood out for me was this one from Vitalic (check his website, a French born electronic music master. His third album 'Rave Age' was just released on 5th November which Stamina is taken. I love the gritty bass and little distorted voice that makes me imagine a tiny fly trying in vain to tell you off. The video is good but a bit gruesome, much like the Gluttony scene from fantastic film Seven. If you are freshly back from 2 weeks of indulgence as I am and ready to embark on a pre-holiday weight journey, this is just the tune you need to get you into the "feel the burn" mindset! Or just get someone to run ahead of you with a giant burger!
Lawrence Arabia  - 'The Listening Times' (2012)
Lawrence Arabia, absolutely nothing to do with Peter O'Toole and Omar Sheriff blowing shit up in the desert but the moniker of Kiwi artist James Milne. The Listening Times is one of the many standouts and latest single of his latest album the excellent, The Sparrow. An album which sounds like it has been recorded in a parallel universe, 70's and 80's style sounds intertwined with vintage Jazz and even 30's era Ragtime, with hints of David Byrne, The Tindersticks and The Divine Comedy but it still manages to sound contemporary. And like The Listening Times, it has an unmistakeable 60's feel to it but with a modern edge, as if it has been dragged through an echo chamber with it's subtle dub undertones. Check out his official site here.....and download The Listening Times for free!
Old Pa's Corner:-
Neil Young - Psychedelic Pill (2012)

Neil Young, what can you say?, would you believe this is second official release this year and his new album 'Psychedelic Pill' with 'Crazy Horse' is a double too. Most artist have a dark and a light side but with Neil Young it is clear cut. If you are familiar with the lighter side 'Heart of Gold' 'Only Love will break your Heart'  then this may be a little bit of a shock to you.. Mr Young can Rock hard with the best of them. He is also a brilliant guitarist.
This taster from the new album fits that hard rock bill. I have not heard the rest of the album yet as I have just returned from holiday but I am looking forward to getting 'stuck in' to it. There are some very long tracks, so I will be expecting lots of guitar solos. Bring it on! Check out the video too. It's cool 'as they say!'

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 11/11/2012 - Astronauts etc, Lawrence Arabia, Neil Young, Vitalic
4/ 5


14 November 2012 at 12:46

sfw - I like this first time and I think it will get better the more I listen to it.
shellhunter - interesting video...not too sure about the track. That bloody fly and no more burgers thanks!
flycasual - this is interesting and makes me want to hear more from these desert rats

15 November 2012 at 19:11

It's always good to have more Neil Young and this sounds like he's on form. Will have to catch up with the album soon.

The Vitalic track is laugh. Reminded me of Crazy Frog!

22 November 2012 at 16:51

SH, the Vitalic track is brilliant, good video too. See the bit about 03:30 where he punches the burger our his hand, funny. Scolded by a fly!! Ha...I'm starving.

SFW, that is a really good track, an instant like for me, good video too! Reminds me a bit of My Morning Jacket.

Old Pa, I'm really not so sure about this, I don't know if I like it or what. It sounds badly recorded but maybe that's the point. What do I know, it's Neil Young.

22 November 2012 at 18:13

FC - I found this the most instant from the album....with only a quick run thru.....Neil Young had to be done....thats why I am there....