Saturday, 29 December 2012

GUEST SPOT BEST OF 2012 - 'Brian'

In the essence of our blog, we asked a few friends and blogs we follow to share with us their top tracks of the year. We are always interested in what makes people musically tick and hear the stories associated with them. At the same time maybe learn a thing or to or maybe catch something we've missed. So a big thank you to you all for taking the time to contribute.

Thanks to Brian for a very colourful contribution! I have him to thank for sharing PSB to me which I featured on our TOTW. What a revelation! Come on Brian, tell us a story......
Would I like to select my top three tracks of 2012 and write a few words asked Shell Hunter, no problemo, two tracks came immediately to mind, however, I have since dismissed one for Alt (sic) the wrong reasons. Firstly triangles ∆ are not my favourite shape, I prefer the more macho dodecahedron, secondly a Mac is a fabulously powerful piece of kit and to sit around pressing AltJ ∆ is a terrible waste of it’s limitless potential ∆. Mac is also the name of my totally hopeless and spineless boss so, to have the luxury of three guns of which only one goes off and still misses the target I so want it to hit is such an anticlimax that the song has to be dismissed ∆.
 My next dilemma occurred when checking the release dates on the stuff I’ve been listening to, the realization of living in the past suddenly hit me, some of the tunes I’ve been really enjoying this year are positively ancient, but, despite the all too frequent senior moments and the, ahem, middle age spreading wherever it wants to, this significantly assisted me by narrowing the scope of my choices.

Public Service Broadcasting - 'Spitfire'

So my three tracks of 2012, in no particular order are Spitfire by Public Service Broadcasting, great track from the War Room E.P.  R.J. Mitchell would be proud to associate this great track with his iconic machine.

Show Of Hands - 'Company Town'

Second track is by Show of Hands a band I somehow keep missing on their numerous tours, Company Town from the album Wake The Union, ticks most boxes for me, fantastic musicianship, great vocals from Steve Knightley, and I adore Phil Beer’s haunting, melancholy fiddle pulling everything together.

Jack Savoretti - 'Knock Knock'

Finally, Knock Knock by Jack Savoretti. I was lucky enough to catch Jack and his band at the Guildford Boiler Room earlier this year before they set off around Europe supporting Jake Bugg then back to the Royal Albert Hall supporting Jools and his Big Band. Great voice, especially live, great songwriter and a great gig, looking forward to hearing lots more from Jack.
So to finish have a wonderful and most importantly safe Christmas and a Peaceful, Happy, Prosperous and Musical New Year. Wherever you are on New Years Eve…….Let’s Tessellate ∆

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GUEST SPOT BEST OF 2012 - 'Brian'
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3 January 2013 at 14:40

A macho dodecahedron indeed. Thanks for contributing and more importantly for Public Service Broadcasting. That was refreshingly and uniquely brilliant. 'London Can Take It'.