Friday, 28 December 2012

GUEST SPOT BEST OF 2012 - 'DJ Biltong Man'

In the essence of our blog, we asked a few friends and blogs we follow to share with us their top tracks of the year. We are always interested in what makes people musically tick and hear the stories associated with them. At the same time maybe learn a thing or to or maybe catch something we've missed. So a big thank you to you all for taking the time to contribute.

Thanks to my good friend Gavin, or DJ Biltong Man, faves of 2012! Hmm Monsters, Madness and The Killers. Are you a bit of a horror film freak Gav?!
Of Monsters And Men - 'Mountain Sound'

Of Monsters and Men is a five-piece indie folk/indie pop band from Iceland. Brilliant catchy track that was perfect to listening to when I was driving in Canada ‘watching the sun go down’ as per lyrics. The scenery was magical and this seemed to be the ‘perfect’ song for the moment.

The Killers - 'Here With Me'

Yet another powerful ballad type track from these guys.

I heard this on YouTube just last week whilst surfing the internet about 2am.Must have been drinking at the time…… If I could sing….. and have a band…… I’d want it to be The Killers.

 Madness - 'My Girl 2'

First time I listened to this was at the concert a few days ago. Mental evening that will not be forgotten. Hooray for Madness!

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GUEST SPOT BEST OF 2012 - 'DJ Biltong Man'
4/ 5