Sunday, 23 December 2012

GUEST SPOT BEST OF 2012 - 'Singing Bear'

In the essence of our blog, we asked a few friends and blogs we follow to share with us their top tracks of the year. We are always interested in what makes people musically tick and hear the stories associated with them. At the same time maybe learn a thing or to or maybe catch something we've missed. So a big thank you to you all for taking the time to contribute.

We have the mighty 'Singing Bear' from the musically eclectic blog, 'Grown Up Backwards'. He reveals about his choices that "There is not a lot I want to say about them because they are so good they speak for themselves". However, for a comprehensive round-up of Singing Bears best of 2012, just click the link above to visit his blog. Boom!

First Aid Kit - 'The Lion's Roar' 
from the album The Lion's Roar

Paul Buchanan - 'After Dark'
from the album Mid Air

Lambchop - '2B2'
from the album Mr. M

See some of Singing Bears guest spots he has done for us here.....

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GUEST SPOT BEST OF 2012 - 'Singing Bear'
4/ 5


23 December 2012 at 10:39

Great choices SB ...what a find is First Aid Kit...I needed susitation after listening to the album.

23 December 2012 at 17:06

Three utterly sublime selections SB. The First Aid Kit and Buchanan albums particularly, just get stronger and stronger with each play.