Sunday, 17 February 2013

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 17/02/13 - Roisin Murphy, Robert Delong, Willy Mason, The Cribs, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Five meteors that knocked us over this week...

Old Pa's Corner:-
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - 'Jubilee Street' (2013)


This track is from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds new album just released, Push the Sky Away (2013). It is a fantastic album and is exactly the way I like my Nick Cave served, all dark, moody, sexual and haunting. This track is a perfect example. It is almost a perfect album and is on my dog walking play list non-stop. I much prefer this than his Grinderman output. But that is not to say I don't like Grinderman because I do.  A must hear album

Willy Mason - 'Pickup Truck' (2013)
I've been a fan of the gravelly singer since the start and his 2012 album, Carry On, is an absolute joy. With a UK tour in March, supporting Ben Howard in April and a number of festivals, 2013 could be the year that the Willy gets big.

Roisin Murphy - 'Simulation' (2012

I'm a big fan of Roisin Murphy's unique style, from her days in Moloko to Disco diva and she can rap too (check out a previous post here). Some fan then, as despite being released in late 2012, I only got to hear this song last week whilst visiting fellow blogger, Sfw. The video, however, has only just been released earlier this month. It's great house track, I love the thumping beat and hi-hat with Roisin's sultry vocals, I think it has the same sort of vibe as Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love', so if you want a bit of sauce....this one's for you.

Roisin Murphy on Perm Vac records

Shell Hunter:-
Robert Delong - 'Global Concepts' (2013)

This song had me at hello. I love it when I'm instantly infatuated with a track and it's all about the giant metal bin sounding drums in this one! Robert Delong is bridging the gap between singer songwriter, producer, and indie electro guru. With it, he is bringing....interesting hair. I read that he is big into his gadgets and even plays joysticks and games console controllers on stage whilst playing loads of other instruments, so there's no denying he's got talent! His debut album, Just Movement, will be out in June following the release of this first single in April. I'm intrigued that the rest of it will make me f**king dance just like this does!

London Scouser:-
The Cribs - 'Leather Jacket Love Song' (2013)

When I heard this a week or so back on Xfm I thought to myself I haven't heard this song for a while. Little did I realise that it was in fact a new song that they recorded for their upcoming singles collection, 'Payola' which spans their first 10 years together from 2002-2012. Definitely 1 for me.
They have been a band that I have always loved, but seem to forget how much I like them, until the next time I hear them. I'm determined to see them live and will make it my mission as soon as possible.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 17/02/13 - Roisin Murphy, Robert Delong, Willy Mason, The Cribs, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
4/ 5


17 February 2013 at 12:17

SFW - Another cracker from the fabulous Willy Mason. 'a grower'
SH - continuing with the 'cock' theme, with his name he ain't got no problems...not too sur about this one. Was better second time round.
LS - always had a soft spot for the Cribs (Crabs) and this is just great
FC - this is not bad at all...nice bit of sauce...I could dance to this....I think?

17 February 2013 at 12:40

There's finally hope for all of us none dancers, something I've been doing for years. It's called the Harlem Shake, check the videos on YouTube.

22 February 2013 at 20:59

That Roisin Murphy tune was pretty infectious, but it's Nick Cave all the way for me this week. I agree OPC, it's a great album.

26 February 2013 at 11:53

Old Pa, this is a tremendous song, great story with some good lines, absolutely love the strings. I never choose to listen to his stuff. I may give his album a go.

Sfw, I hoping for Willy to get big this year. This track stands firm enough like most on the album but not nearly as satisfying as Restless Fugitive.

LS, the usually the ting I go for but the Cribs are slowly becoming my guitar band of choice.

SH, this is just great. Brilliantly unorthodox and so compelling with all the different beats throughout the song. Defintely want more.

27 February 2013 at 16:36

A little late, but here is my rundown
OPC - I love Nick Cave and the man can do no wrong for me. This doesn't change my views on him. Love it
SFW - I love Willy too, it's hard not to. Last year's Restless Fugitive was one of my absolute fave tracks of 2012, this is almost up there with it.
FC - Not for me I'm sorry. I like the start, but it never hit's the spot for me. I get the Donna Summer vibe though.
SH - I don't want to like it but I can't help it. A great find

And the winner is... Nick Cave