Thursday, 21 March 2013

Tomorrow's World - 'So Long My Love' / Ruffhouse - 'Division III'

Musical Medicine...It's gonna go off in here!! Ok well maybe not so much today but here are a couple of dance tracks that were good company this week!

These two excellent tracks were the soundtrack to my journey home, after a night out with friends last week. It was the last train home and with the sombre soundscapes, certainly with Division III, it made the whole trip a little unnerving, as I was the only passenger in my carriage. With my head a little fuzzy through beer, I was pretty spooked but luckily I look like a fat Matt Damon and I've seen enough of the Bourne films to be able to defend myself with a Metro newspaper, a Burger King wrapper and a chip.

Tomorrow's World - 'So Long My Love' (2012)

I love this, from it's dark, almost cinematic style (I can see this in a David Lynch movie) to the chorus which sounds like a Sinclair Spectrum game loading. Named after the legendary BBC science program (I grew up on it, CD's in 1981? pfff it'll never catch on), Tomorrow's World is the side project of Air's (see Playground Love post here) Jean-Benoit Dunckel and London based singer and Lou Hayter (New Young Pony Club). 'So Long My Love' is taken from their forthcoming album out later this year.

compact discs in the car? never!

Tomorrow's World on Piccadilly Records..

Ruffhouse - 'Division III' (2012)

Ruffhouse are a trio out of Bristol responsible for some pretty dark, striped down Drum and Bass, 'Division 3' a fine example. I instantly liked it, with the bleak atmospherics and relentless driving beat well and truly freaking me out on my trip home. I couldn't wait to get home to hear it through the speakers, ok not at 1am but the next day. When I did, my wife reaffirmed why I liked this track by telling me to turn it down for the neighbours and saying 'ooh turn it off, it's so sinister.' Yes!

Ruffhouse - the bleak-y boys

read and interview with Ruffhouse on Kmag here....
or find them on Ingredients Records..

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Tomorrow's World - 'So Long My Love' / Ruffhouse - 'Division III'
4/ 5


23 March 2013 at 08:06

Two groovy tunes. Perfect for a spooked journey in a lonely carriage. I particularly like the Ruffhouse track. You'd think everyone in Bristol was a manic depressive. Well...

29 March 2013 at 13:36

Love the Maggie Philbin track, and you're spot on with the Spectrum line. Love it !!

As for Ruffhouse, not my cuppa so much, but equally not bad. I do think however they need to update the title, Division 1 is the new Division 3 !!