Sunday 17 March 2013

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 17/03/13 - Phosphorescent, Rhye, Frank's Daughter, The Flight, Brent and Johnson

Put on your Papal slippers and enjoy five tracks that got our vote this week..

Frank's Daughter - 'Fall Fully Backwards' (2013)

I recently discovered Frank's Daughter. But before you tell my wife, it's not Janine Butcher rather than Frank (vox, guitar, keys) & Arthur (guitar, bass, programming) with their debut single 'Fall Fully Backwards'.  It's layered Synths, driving bass, atmospheric vocals and a drum sample could easily fit on any UNKLE album. Comparisons have been made with Talk Talk, Portishead, Massive Attack and Post 'Kid A' Radiohead.  Either way I loves it!

Rhye - 'The Fall' (2012)

It's 4am I'm driving into work, I'm weary and vulnerable, then all of a sudden this siren's voice seduces me over the speakers. There's something very heart warming about being seduced at that time in the morning, in fact, at anytime. I was listening to a playlist of recommended songs, when this one hit me making me go all shivery. It was the feelings it evoked of the longing, fragility and what it means to be newly in love. What's he on about? Oh leave me alone, it was very early and I was feeling particularly susceptible to this emotional barrage. The voice may very well be Sade-esque but the vocals actually belong to Canadian Mike Milosh, who is very much a man, while Danish producer, Robert Hannibal make up the California based duo. The latest single 'Open' is out now but it's 'The Fall' that won me over, the slight housey feel to the song with the minimal beats and subtle piano, just add to it's hypnotic effect and is taken from the debut album, Woman, released earlier this month. It's 35 minutes of sensual, sexy goodness a bit like slowly eating a Cadbury's Flake in your pants.

Rhye's website...

Shell Hunter:-
The Flight - 'Hangman' (2013)

I absolutely love this dark murder ballad from the debut EP of The Flight which is also titled Hangman.  Apparently it is the reworking of an old folk song called Pretty Polly and the EP would probably feature on Tim Burton's iPod! It features the vocals of extremely gutted singer/songwriter Keaton Henson (check more of his stuff here courtesy of SFW). The guys responsible are production tag team Joe Henson (Keaton's bro no less!) and Alexis Smith and it's their first release as artists. I think this track has Massive Attack painted all over it especially the sparse Teardrop-esque beat and Keaton's vocal style reminds me a bit of Sinead O' Connor from Fire On Babylon. Totally hypnotic!

London Scouser:-
Brent and Johnson - 'Equality Street' (2013)

Having previously lived in Slough for a number of years I feel a bit proud whenever I see David Brent as he represented !!!
After The Office, came Extras which started brilliantly then fizzled out for me. Life's Too Short is excellent and I'm looking forward to the Easter special, cringe-tastic no doubt.
But I hear you cry, this is a music blog not a TV guide... Have no fear readers, the music is here for you in the fabulous form of 'Brent & Johnson' with Equality Street. 
I'm not a big fan of Comic Relief as I find most of the show pretty awful, for example WTF is Mrs Brown all about ?? How can people laugh ?? But I digress, this years comedy-athon had a few funny moments. Walliams & Carr doing a Bond opening scene and then the return of David Brent. This is a bit of fun with some reggae and rap thrown in.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Phosphorescent  - Song for Zula (2013)


This is taken from Phosphorescent aka Matthew Houck's new album Muchacho. I believe the song was featured in Grey's Anatomy (never watched it). Who cares! Why did I bother saying that!

Song for Zula is an excellent haunting song, it could easily be mistaken for something Moby would have done. It would not surprise me if it is not sampled for some TV programme or a TV advert in the very near future. It coasts along on soft, electronic beats and programmed strings. It is one of those records that will get under your skin. I can't stop playing it. I think you could file this under the title of epic. What do you think?.

'Love is a burning thing'

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 17/03/13 - Phosphorescent, Rhye, Frank's Daughter, The Flight, Brent and Johnson
4/ 5


17 March 2013 at 11:53

SFW - well done the boys yesterday...a dam good thrashing...this will get better with addition listens...I like it.
FC - this is quite pleasant, another grower I would say...I must load up on Cadbury Flakes
SH - this is really good, that lad is hanging on in there.
LS - this one adds up to a full house..did not expect much from this but it is just great, 4 great tracks

17 March 2013 at 12:04

Sfw- excellent song and the video reminds me of my relationship with my carebears
Fly- I can totally see what attracted you, nice fragile feel. Sad video too
LS- oh dear. Not a fan of comic relief? It's for charity brother! Have to admit I did laugh too and they must really be scraping the barrel if David Brent is representing equality!
Pa- nice track too, sounds like The Boss

18 March 2013 at 10:36

Fabulous TOTW this week (Massive Attack name dropped twice), with the exception of Brent and Johnson, they all follow a similar feel. However 'Equality Street', I got to say, was pretty good, I was watching it through my eyes but Johnson's rap was good.

Sfw, excellent! So up my street with the comparisons very accurate. Great find.

SH, this is special, the Henson's take gutted to a new level! Brilliantly bleak. On Tim Burton's IPod, I like it, he'd certainly approve of the video.

Old pa, another excellent track. Moby yes but I also thought of Achtung Baby/Zooropa era U2 and that's good!

19 March 2013 at 17:31

My eye was immediately drawn to Phosphorescent, as I'm a big fan, but wait...I'm liking all the tunes this week (although I might pass on the David Brent one - sorry, London Scouser!) and the Rhye track (complete with slightly unsettling video) is fantastic - thanks for the intro Flycasual.

20 March 2013 at 21:52

Brilliant TOTW this week.

SH - I love this...Gutted with beats
OP - I love this...Sounds like Springsteen doing U2
FC - I love this.
LS - Joker in the pack..though good Comedy Value

29 March 2013 at 13:27

SFW - Liked it instantly
FC - I like this too, I also like Hunger by them. Will give the album a few listens. I also thought of Sade, can't believe it's a dude
SH - Really good, deffo get the 'Fire On Babylon' connection
OP - I like it, but in a week of really good tracks, this come's a close last. I feel bad for it

And the winner is.... Janine