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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 24/03/13 - Depeche Mode, Jim James, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Laura Marling, Woodkid

Five Tracks that were well within budget this week...

Old Pa's Corner:-
Jim James - A New Life (2013)

This fabulous track is from Jim James's (My Morning Jacket) new solo album  Regions of Light and Sound of God (2013). It really is a cracking album and there are other highlights, try State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U) the first track on the album, that is a bit special too.

This song highlights the vocal range of Mr Jones and it builds up to a stunning climax that you will want to hear again, right away. It's that good.  Up there with the best tracks of the year for Old Pa. I think I like too much?

The album shines class and a must listen to.

Laura Marling - 'Where Can I Go?' (2013)

British songstress Laura Marling has recently unveiled Where Can I Go?, which will feature on her fourth Album Once I Was An Eagle. It has been produced by long time collaborator/producer Ethan Johns and is out in May. I just think this girl can do no wrong. She's a real talent that gets better and better with age.... oh and she's only 23! Scary!

Depeche Mode - 'Heaven' (2013)

I don't know why I've kept putting off the new Depeche Mode single, because it's brilliant. It has finally broken me down and it is everything I love about Depeche Mode, thought provoking, dark and brooding. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that I'm a huge fan of the electro pioneers (I'd say they've influenced many of my favourite acts on the darker end of the spectrum, Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack) but I always approach a new release with apprehension in fear that it may be, well, rubbish. Sometimes their music can be too melodramatic, I was never a big fan of 'In Your Room' or 'Walking in my Shoes' from Songs of Faith and Devotion for example (which is tantamount to heresy for many DM fans) but that probably says more about my own neurosis than anything else. Nevertheless you're always guaranteed at least a few gems, 'Heaven' being one and as a result I'm very much looking forward to the new album, Delta Machine out March 26th.

Shell Hunter:-
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Sacrilege' (2013)

As soon as I heard Karen O's signature rock scream on this latest single from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it made me think back to London Scouser's controversial statement about women lead singers in rock being naff. How wrong could you be, in fact you could say that was sacrilege(you saw that one coming surely)! I think if I could sing, I'd like to sound like Karen O, she can sound soft and purr like in the intro to this track, then kick some ass with her sexy shout! Its almost like a good and bad Karen O are arguing with each other! This song is a real grower with it's Pixies style bass and gospel choir finale.  I look forward to hearing their new album Mosquito which will be out on April 16th, but sadly I wont be able to see them live at the Alexandra Palace on May 4th unless I am airlifted by a helicopter from Camberley. Me and the Ally Pally have got history (see why here)!

London Scouser:-
Woodkid - 'The Golden Age'

I recently bit the bullet and changed from an iPhone to a new non Apple phone. I now have the Nexus 4, and with it I use Google Play... Bear with me this does go somewhere !! Every week they give away a free song to be downloaded. I got this track a week or so ago but only listened to it a few days ago. Its got an almost Coldplay vibe to it, and is a little haunting to me. I don't really know much about the singer other than he is better known as Yoann Lemoine, and that he has directed a few music videos including Lana Del Rey's 'Born To Die'.

Check out his site here...

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 24/03/13 - Depeche Mode, Jim James, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Laura Marling, Woodkid
4/ 5


24 March 2013 at 15:07

Old Pa. It's the first time I've heard this, although I've been looking forward to it's release, and it doesn't disappoint - great tune.

Sfw. 23? God, do I feel old! A fine song that maintains her very high standard.

Flycasual. I've never been able to take The Mode as seriously as they take themselves, but I have enjoyed the odd tune over the years - this being one of them.

Shell Hunter. I thought this was well over the top when I first heard it on 6Music, but a couple of weeks later I'm loving it. The gospel blast near the end is inspired.

London Scouser. Interesting. Sounds a little like Antony Hegarty with a sore throat!

27 March 2013 at 12:05

SFW - Britians answer to Joni Michell, she just seams to be getting better..this is great
FC - A wecome back and this is up to you say you are always guaranteed a few.
SH - I was not too convinced at first but well worth waiting for the ending...worth another listen to
LS - could not play it, will have a search for it somwhere else

29 March 2013 at 13:48

OP - I like this one, a bold statement of yours for track of the year, but I can hear why
SFW - I like her, but I'm not quite in the 'love' corner yet. Maybe I like my tunes more upbeat
FC - I've been a fan of DM since the beginning. Really like this one... Reminds me of a joke I read in Smash Hits....
What do you call a band member, when the other band members have left him ???...... Dave Gahan (ahem sorry!!)
SH - Not my favourite YYY track but it's not bad... and I think I said most women, and Karen O is on my positive side of the coin

And the winner is.... Depeche Mode