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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 31/03/13 - Public Enemy, Dawes, The Lawlands, Anthrax, Miles Kane

Don't poke me, I'm full of chocolate! Five Egg-cellent tracks to gorge yourself on this Easter!

London Scouser:-
Miles Kane - 'Give Up' (2013)

I first came to hear of Miles Kane in 2009 when he collaborated on the 'The Last Shadow Puppets' album, with his friend Alex Turner. Good company to keep in my view. I really liked the 60's vibe on the album and especially the first single, 'Age Of Understatement'. Two years later he released his debut solo album which continued the 60's style and 'Rearranged' was one of my tracks of the year. I was listening to the radio last week and was pleased to hear that he had a new single out. It starts with a Middle Eastern style intro that then goes into his almost aggressive but appealing vocals, with a good catchy chorus. His new album is out in June and I can't wait, if this is anything to go by.
He has just announced a UK Tour and tickets go in sale next week if you're interested.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Dawes - 'From a Window Seat' (2013)


I heard this a few days ago. I think it was on some sampler. It is one of these records I consider 'too good to talk to.'  It is so good,  there must be something wrong with it, or me? I had the the same feeling when I heard Rumours, yes Rumours for the first time. I thought this is just too good! Maybe, I shouldn't listen to this any more.  Maybe leave it for a musically barren time.

Anyway, as you have gathered, I like this and with the help of the www, I see these guys are supporting Mr Dylan soon.  So  if they are good enough for Mr D, then they are certainly good enough for me. They have an album out soon too! Can't wait.

The Lawlands - 'Youth' (2013)

The Lawlands have recently released their new single “Youth”, which marks the first release by the band with Anthony Ferraro as their lead singer. Ferraro, who also has a solo project, the outstanding Astronauts Etc., was playing keys for The Lawlands when their lead singer left to teach English in Asia. It reminds of The Smiths but I particularly like how the song touches on wanting to stay young, which for me is very apt as I feel that I am about to have a mid-life crisis!

Public Enemy - 'Everything' (2013)

Soul on a Pole y'all. This a stunning, soulful and somewhat reflective track from probably my favourite Hip Hop group in the entire universe. I'm such a fan that I missed their second of two albums to celebrate 25 years in the game, The Evil Empire of Everything, released last October, from which 'Everything' is taken. Even though it's a rare departure from their normal bombastic rap style, they did dabble with the Blues on the final track 'Superman's Black in the Building', from 2005's New Whirl Odor. A change of approach, however, doesn't dent 'The Gandalf of Rap', Chuck D's potency, he reminds me a bit of Gil-Scott Heron as he delivers a verbal broadside at many of his materialistic contemporaries.

Shell Hunter:-
Anthrax - 'Jailbreak' (2013)

I felt I needed a bit of rock refreshment the other day at work so switched the radio to Kerrang, when this track kept on making my ears prick up. I thought, blimey they don't make them like this anymore, I was laughing out loud at its stereotypical rockness. Thinking it was another Darkness type group reliving the 80s shaggy haired, leather clad days, I found out it was Anthrax covering a Thin Lizzy track from their new album Anthems! Now I know it isn't everyone's goblet of mead but its brilliant for its sort and I'll bet the album with covers of Boston, Journey, and ACDC will have you dusting off your air guitar in no time! 

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 31/03/13 - Public Enemy, Dawes, The Lawlands, Anthrax, Miles Kane
4/ 5


1 April 2013 at 12:54

LS, this is not bad, big production, explosions and dancing girls...Miles Kane hits the big time.

Sfw, this is my favourite of the bunch. Great Morrissey-esque voice and very bitter sweet. Nice tune pal.

Old Pa, what a build up, I love the 'music for a more barren spell'. Reminded me a bit of Jackson Browne. Will give it some more listens.

SH, can't beat a bit of no nonsense old school cock rock, I like this. Not sure about the rest of the covers though.

3 April 2013 at 18:41

LS - first to go with Flycasual...maybe there is a need for tnis kind of stuff...did I like it...yes I did.
SFW - first to go with it 'tho...Morrissey...shines through...everything I've read about, everything I've read about
FC - this is actually very good..I was not ready for them when they first came out....if they were new today their impact would be stratospheric
SH - would like to see their other choices but is it certainly is not...what it says on the cauldron!!

What did I download
FC and SFW and LS and SH...full house

5 April 2013 at 13:18

SH - Little unsure, a bit soft for Anthrax, but not unpleasant.
FC - The yoda's of hip hop
LS - Still haven't figured out Miles Kane.
OP - Intrigued.

Mine is still my fav :-)

5 April 2013 at 17:57

Mine is still my favourite
Yours is 3rd

8 May 2013 at 16:26

Finally got round to listening to this weeks tracks
OP - It reminds me of The Eagles a little, not bad.... but I probably wouldn't request it
SFW - I don't really get The Smiths apart from the very first word sung. It's alright, but not a WOW
FC - I really liked this, which given the previous comments I thought it would be lower on my list of faves.
SH - Not bad, he seems to do a decent impression of Phil Lynott.

And the winner is.... Public Enemy (I couldn't choose my own, that's almost cheating !!)