Monday, 8 April 2013

COVER NERD! - Foo Fighters - 'Drive Me Wild'

By now you may have noticed I love a good cover, and this time I get to feature one of my favourite bands, so it's a win-win. If you have a favourite cover, please contact us and tell us why by clicking here

Foo Fighters - Drive Me Wild (1997)

When I was still at school I begged my parents to let me get a paper round cos I wanted to earn some money. There were so many records I wanted to buy and also games for my amazingly sophisticated super computer (ZX Spectrum +). But being the dopey accident prone kid I was there was no way they would let me go out that early. Eventually they came to a compromise and I was allowed to deliver a free paper, The Hounslow Recorder. I had to deliver it to two nearby streets, a total of 210 papers, and my fee for this ??? A paltry 1p per paper... I'm sure that was discrimination, but initially I was ecstatic.
After a few weeks however the novelty was slowly wearing off and I couldn't be arsed lugging that much weight around for such little return. In hindsight I should have thought of a better plan for dumping them, perhaps in the wasteland next to where we lived or something similar. But no, I went for the lazy/stupid option of "hiding" them in our shed. This worked perfectly for 3 weeks until my mum decided to go into the shed, I mean how dare she. That was my hiding place.
After receiving my punishment, which was to have my TV confiscated for a month, I also had to continue delivering the papers. The only difference being that my mum now drove me to the streets and helped me deliver half of them. Not so bad in the end methinks.

Does my grin drive you wild baby ??

What has this got to do with the song I hear you ask, well I'm getting there.
My brother worked for an air freight company and they used shredded newspaper to help with the packaging of certain items, he spoke to his boss and took 630 papers off my hands. I got £10.00 for the papers too, so in the end I came out financially on top !!!
My brothers boss was a pretty flamboyant guy, always bragging about his expensive cars and the like. He was big into his music and made a C90 tape for my brother with Mel & Kim's 'FLM' on one side and Vanity Six's self titled album on the other. I remember listening to the album and loving the naughty lyrics on some of the tracks. I still have the cassette, but unfortunately I don't possess a tape player anymore !!

I first heard the Foo Fighters version on a compilation CD called 'Sound As A Pound' on Parlophone records. Instantly loving it, I've since found out it was recorded in the same session that they did Baker Street in at BBC Maida Vale Studios in 1997 which is possibly one my favourite all time covers.

NERD ALERT! - Dave Grohl performed all instruments for their debut album, then formed the band in order to tour.

Unfortunately, I can't find a version of it on Spotify, but you can still subscribe to my Spotify playlist by clicking here

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COVER NERD! - Foo Fighters - 'Drive Me Wild'
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8 April 2013 at 17:03

This is a Vanity Six cover? It's pretty good. I don't know how you could live with yourself. Think of all those poor folks on paperound day, staring at their letterboxes waiting in vain for their copy of the Hounslow Recorder. On a side note, can you imagine what kind of crap superhero would work for the Hounslow Recorder?