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COVER NERD! - Voice Of The Beehive - 'I Think I Love You'

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Voice Of The Beehive - I Think I Love You (1991)

When the horrific events last Monday of the bombs in Boston first came on the news, I wanted to know why. A few days later the explosion happened in Waco, I was sitting at the dinner table with Old Pa & Ma and Shell Hunter and we wondered if they were A connected & B something relating to the Waco disaster from 1993. They were almost 20 years apart to the day. Thankfully they've caught the guys responsible for Boston and it seems that the incident in Waco was an accident.
Thinking back to 1993 I remember what I was doing when the news came in about the siege in Waco finally being over.
I had fancied a girl at a neighbouring branch of the bank I worked in for a long time and had asked her to go on holiday with me thinking it would be the perfect opportunity to show how cool I was and get her to fall in love me. Unbelievably she agreed, I thought I was well in and I was, right up until the moment my mum was driving us to Gatwick for our flight and asked if she was required to collect us a week later. At this point my heart broke, the (I'm not gonna name her) girl said "No its okay, David (not his real name) is going to collect me" He was supposed to be her ex. They had officially split up and I was trying to become her next boyfriend.
Yes, I once owned this treasured CD single limited edition

Not the best start to a week alone together in Tenerife but I decided to hell with it, I would try and enjoy the sun and beers and worry about girls later. I bought a great book, that contained both Red Dragon & Silence Of The Lambs which I completed that week and listened to most of the 20 C90's I'd brought with me. One of the highlights was the morning stroll to collect an overpriced day old copy of The Sun. This was before t'internet and Sky Sports being available in every small bar. I needed to keep up to date with the footie and that's when I saw the headlines from April 19th.
When the week was over and it was time to leave the hotel at 9am I looked in the fridge and saw I still had 3 bottles of Bud left. Determined not to leave them behind I opened all 3 and proceeded to drink the first one waiting for the lift. No 2 for the lift down and the 3rd for the walk to the waiting bus. Perfect end to a pretty shitty week. Within the year they were married and I had to wait til 2001 before I tracked down my shell, or at least her daughter...
This song brings back some good memories, if only because it was on one of the aforementioned C-90's. Classic trashy pop. I love(d ??) it.... I think.

NERD ALERT! - The drummer in Voice Of The Beehive was none other than Dan Woodgate, AKA Woody from Madness

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COVER NERD! - Voice Of The Beehive - 'I Think I Love You'
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23 April 2013 at 09:47

Her loss was my gain! I think I love(d) this version too. Good post!

23 April 2013 at 10:43

Talk about knocking the wind out on your sails! "Trying to show how cool I was" and being a Cover Nerd is a bit of an oxymoron! Good tale, I kept confusing this lot with All About Eve for some reason. Anyway, I thought the song was pretty rubbish but then again I was into hardcore rap.

23 April 2013 at 11:01

Moron being the operative word! Don't forget nerd core is "in". Dude, just check your hair and your glasses out!

2 May 2013 at 11:05

So she just wanted to go on 'A' holiday with 'a friend' how weird, did you socialise with her over there, did you share a room?...I hope you did not pay for her trip, tell me you did'nt...I would have skinned her alive (with my tongue) is OK!