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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 28/04/13 - Spectrals, Efterklang, OMD, Winterhours, Alice In Chains

Five tracks that filled our windsocks this week!

Old Pa's Corner:-
OMD - 'Stay with Me' (2013)


Well if you even wanted a Souvenir of OMD, then this track from their new album English Electric (2013) fits this bill. The synths are there, the melody is there, but it is a quaver or two short of hitting the high spots of their very best album, 1981s  Architecture and Morality. I don't care, I just love it and will be humming this and will be listening to the full album. I can quite happily live in the past. For a little while anyway. 

Efterklang - 'The Ghost' (2013)

This is a recent release by Efterklang which features on their 2012 album Piramida. This fantastic Danish trio evokes musical memories of folktronica and in particular, Steve Mason and when I first heard it, I instantly liked it.

Spectrals - 'Luck Is There To Be Pushed' (2011)

I was victim of a musical ambush this week, it was at Pret a Manger of all places (actually it hasn't been the first time they have ambushed me). So there I was, having a coffee break at work, when this magnificent song comes on over the speakers and completely decimates my 'tune platoon' (the boys in charge of the music dept in my brain of course). I had to find out who/what was responsible for this 'sonic assault' and used my Soundhound app on my phone. I have never heard Spectrals, or the song and I can't believe this gem passed me by. It's dreamy, lovely goodness by West Yorkshire singer/songwriter, Louie Jones, taken from his 2011 debut, Bad Penny. He has subsequently released a new single, 'Milky Way', which you can hear here.....and will be investigating further fo sho'!

Shell Hunter:-
Winterhours - 'Heart Of Gold' (2013)

I was glad to be told that perennial faves of mine, Winterhours (check out previous posts here), have a new single due out tomorrow. But this is no ordinary single! Do you miss those days when we used to buy singles and they used to feature individual artwork on the cover and you had something physical you could look at and hold?  Well their new single 'Heart Of Gold' released on the Saint November label, is the modern answer to the physical single and I love the idea. The picture above was created by Jess Holt inspired by the music and lyrics of Heart Of Gold and I think they got it bang on. When you order the A3 print, you get an immediate digital download of the single, genius! To me, the track is like a musical hug with fabulous harmonies and hints of Fleet Foxes. Order yours now here!

London Scouser:-
Alice In Chains - 'Stone' (2013)

In exactly one month from now I will be excitedly waking up and after making my morning black coffee I will be rocking out to the new album from my favourite band of the grunge era. 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here' is the second album released since their reemergence and I can't bloody wait !! I also think that Flycasual's son may well enjoy it as I know he's a fan of good rock and also dinosaurs.

As with their previous release 'Hollow' this track takes me back to the early 90's when they were in their prime. When they next release a greatest hits, I'm gonna demand they call it 'Awesome' cos anything else wouldn't do it justice.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 28/04/13 - Spectrals, Efterklang, OMD, Winterhours, Alice In Chains
4/ 5


30 April 2013 at 20:59

Winter hours are one of our favourite bands also

1 May 2013 at 08:55

Old Pa. I was shocked at how good 'History of Modern' was a couple of years ago and it became the first single I'd bought by them since 'Messages' in 1980. This isn't quite up to that standard, but still a good pop song.

Sfw. One of Mrs S's favourite bands. I didn't realise they were officially a trio though. We saw them in 2007 and there must have been 10 of them on stage! It was an amazing show. This is a great tune with an equally great video to accompany it.

Flycasual. I can quite understand why this caught your ear. Very sophisticated pop. Pret a Manger obviously have a more interesting musical selection than the coffee chain I used to work for - tacky covers and muzak all the way!

Shell Hunter. I like the idea of having a print, so even if you don't want to own a physical copy of the music you still have something tangible to keep. I've missed your previous Winterhours posts, but will go back and check further after hearing this - nice.

London Scouser. Another very interesting video. This is a band I've dipped into over the years, 'Would' and 'Got Me Wrong' spring to mind, and I'd add this one to that list. I particularly like the riff that weaves throughout the song.

2 May 2013 at 10:43

Particulary like Winterhours, Alice in Chains and Spectrals.

5 out of 5!

2 May 2013 at 11:27

FC - I just love when that happens...rare moments indeed. Goot track, hope you did not spill your skinny latte with extra bubbles and a little twist of chicory essence
SFW - lot of good stuff comeing from Scandnavia, Junip comes to mind and this is very good
SH - this is pretty nice too and love the idea of the art work, insired, hope it catches on
LS - Awesome!

7 May 2013 at 12:46

Old pa, you're right a shade short of Souvenir but it won't stop me listening to the album.

Sfw, love this, you're right about Steve Mason. Great video too. Will get their album.

SH, bang on the money with the Fleet Foxes reference.

LS, rifftastic, stupid video though.

18 June 2013 at 13:45

OP- they've really harnessed that sound, it's like being back in time!
Fly- I can see how this ambushed you! Really like it too
Sfw- excellent track, you are on a roll!
LS- AWE - and might I add - SOME!!

Hi Dave! Great minds think alike! Thanks for the comments!