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COVER NERD! - The Beautiful South - Girlfriend / Love Wars

Covers, covers. So good I posted twice..... By now you know the drill, if not then welcome aboard the good ship Cover Nerd! If you have a favourite cover, please contact us and tell us why by clicking here

The Beautiful South - Girlfriend (1989)

The Beautiful South - Love Wars (1991)

Normally I put this at the end, but I'm feeling rebellious today.....
NERD ALERT! - Woolworths felt that they were saving the nation's impressionable kids, and decided to ban the original cover of their debut album because it  depicted a suicidal image. So the band re-issued the album with a child friendly cover specifically for Woolies. Which one do you prefer ???

Remember Woolworths ?? I do, it used to be THE PLACE to go to for absolutely everything in my youth. Music ?? Check. Pick'n'mix ?? Check. Spectrum games followed by Sega Mega drive and then PlayStation. Check, check and once more check
What else in life was there ??? Where did it all go wrong I ask you ?? Some may say it was the internet, others may point at the recession. I however think it was their ill-fated (only because it failed) attempt to revive the phenomenon that was Spangles  how dare they only have orange and blackcurrant flavours. The whole thing about Spangles was their Revels like ability to keep you guessing until you had popped the delicate sweet onto your tongue. Mmmm the memories..... Oh and don't get me started on Pacers !!!

I was a huge fan of TBS having really liked The Housemartins before them. And I bought everything they did, albums and multi-version CD singles. The great thing about their singles were the extra tracks, mostly new stuff but occasionally I would find a great cover. I remember they did a version of The Bee-Gees' You Should Be Dancing as well as Love Wars, which was originally a hit for Womack & Womack. I even remember the original of Girlfriend by Pebbles. Their version appeared on the aforementioned debut album and listening to it now, the trumpets make me think of a lesser produced Mark Ronson number. 
They later had a couple of big hits with covers namely Everybody's Talking & Dream A Little Dream.... And yes I bought all versions on CD single.

This video was recorded on a tour bus during a tour of the US if I remember rightly. I first saw it on their video compilation called Pumpkin, the sound quality is not the best, but you get to see the band relaxing and having fun

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COVER NERD! - The Beautiful South - Girlfriend / Love Wars
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7 May 2013 at 14:14

Good covers..I like the second Love Wars...I will go for the furry little things...I think of Dixers!