Thursday, 2 May 2013

HIP HOP CLASSICS - Jeru Da Damaja - 'Come Clean'

Hip Hop Classics..straight outta Surrey Heath!

Jeru Da Damaja - 'Come Clean' (1994)

Last October (2010) I went to the annual B-Boy Championships in Brixton. It's always great to get an injection of B-boy culture in you once in awhile (no not like that) and although the breakin' and lockin' were outstanding it was the after show party which stole my show. It was at Plan B, which is a club pretty much next door to the Carling Academy and the place was full of amateur B-boys and B-girls as well as the pros. Circles were formed and impromptu B-boy battles commenced, as I stood well back from the center making sure they wouldn't confuse me as a participant. I was in my element as the DJ was spinning 1 or 2 minute snippets of old skool classics. There were of course some gems but one track that I loved and hadn't heard in awhile was Jeru Da Damaja's 'Come Clean', with DJ Premier's genius craft on the ones and twos, a real raw track! With the speakers turned up to 11, the bass rumbling and in proper head bobbing mode, I was hypnotised by the moment until one of my friends pushed me into the middle of the circle.

'Come Clean' is taken from the Jeru's debut album The Sun Rises in the East but he's still about, check out his website here....

Hip Hop Classics, 'cause Hip Hop and Rap, that's where my hearts at!

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HIP HOP CLASSICS - Jeru Da Damaja - 'Come Clean'
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19 July 2011 at 12:47

Now I really like this! Its hard for a girl like me to get any true Hip Hop exposure and it's not just because I grew up with a big brother who was black on the inside and white on the outside that I like it so much! I love the rattly snare drum sound, the deep base lines, not to mention the skillfull scratching. Bring on more classics please!

2 May 2013 at 11:46

This is top stuff, i think i like old skool better now than in the daze