Saturday, 4 May 2013

1 Giant Leap - 'The Way You Dream'

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1 Giant Leap - ''The Way You Dream' (2002)

I'm looking forward to swanning off to my parent's lovely retirentment villa in Spain very soon. One of the things I used to love doing was catching one of the ferry boats to "Isle Tabarca" which was supposedly a marine nature reserve about 40 minutes from the coast of Torreveija. Once on the island, Flycasual, London Scouser and I were determined to investigate the small village there. We managed to buy masks and snorkels from a shop that also sold masses of shells and shark mouths (marine reserve indeed!) and we decided to hire a pedalo. After struggling to push the vessel over the pebbly beach we were soon laughing upon the waves and came quite near a huge rock where Fly and I decided would be a good area to snorkle, and right we were! Masses of big fish which we weren't expecting! They were very unassuming and went about their daily jobs which I think just consisted of crunching up some coral every now and then. After I'd got myself aboard our pedalo, Flycasual said, "Go down the slide!" and I thought, what a delightful idea, it'll be like being a kid again! Until I actually went down it and it dried before I got to the bottom! It was a very painful screech to a halt halfway down and my thighs haven't forgotten it since!!

This song springs to mind as I had just made my first mini disc for the trip and it was the first track I put on. 1 Giant Leap were big on my playlist for a few years after that but his track is my ultimate fave, how can you beat Michael Stipe and Asha Bhosle (A Brimfull of Asha) after all! Duo Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman were the initial artists involved and it was a project that crossed all catagories. There was also a great follow up. From what I gather, they pretty much went around the world with a lap top collecting amazing memories (Tune Doctor Style!) be it music, word and visuals.

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1 Giant Leap - 'The Way You Dream'
4/ 5


7 May 2013 at 14:07

I remember the day very well...what a fabulous track - love it! About time the REM boys made some sort of come back