Thursday, 16 May 2013

DJ Shadow - 'Midnight in a Perfect World'

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DJ Shadow - 'Midnight in a Perfect World' (1995)

I don't know exactly when it was but sometime in the early 90's I broke up with Hip-Hop. I wasn't entirely sure where it was headed or what it was trying to say anymore. Subsequently it went on to be arguably the most popular form of music, a classic case of 'it's not you, it's me'. However something was salvaged from this acrimonious split, I discovered the Mo' Wax record label which was founded in the early 90's by James Lavelle, who would later go on to form UNKLE. I felt the label retained the essence of Hip-Hop, going with the 'two turntables and microphone' mantra. Except instead of the mic, the tracks were sample heavy and predominately psychedelic in nature, hence the sometimes unwanted tag, 'Trip-Hop'.

Ain't no such thing as bad weather...word!

DJ Shadow was on Mo' Wax's books and dropped the classic 'Entroducing' album, a completely innovative record made up of beats and spliced up with old funk and movie samples. This track stood out for me as it sounded gentle in nature imagining a silent urban night scape but with the heavy 'boom bap' Hip-Hop beat to satisfy the head bobbing B-boy in me. Hip-Hop had evolved......a true gem.

You'll be pleased to know that Hip-Hop and I are back together now. I guess we just needed a break.

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DJ Shadow - 'Midnight in a Perfect World'
4/ 5


6 June 2013 at 21:34

A genre defining album that still sounds remarkable today. Can't believe I've never seen this brilliant clip before.