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FRONT ROW CENTRE - Love - 'The Red Telephone'

You've listened to the loved the you absolutely have to see them live...

Love with Arthur Lee - 'The Red Telephone' (1967)
The Royal Festival Hall, London on January 15th 2003

For music lovers out there, the ultimate thing to do is to see your favourite artist or group live on stage. Now, I go to a lot of concerts and for me the whole evening is an experience. Living just outside of London means it's a dreaded disgracefully long trek but it is such an amazing place, not only for music but for a night out so its worth it. Sprinkled with individual bars and restaurants hidden in every corner, it makes for a far more memorable experience! To save you hassling around, see my Gig Watch tips below! This is not a normal gig review, this is my experience.

Love used to be just another group that Old Pa tried to get us into by playing them constantly saying "get into Love" but I was stubborn for a long time. Then all of a sudden, it just clicked! I couldn't get enough of Forever Changes. One day Old Pa came home and said they were playing as Arthur Lee had just been released from prison and asked if I would go with him to see them...TOO RIGHT I WOULD! I managed to get out of work a little early an met Old Pa at the train station but not without getting a few provisions first (2 cans each of Super Strongbow) for the journey into London. OP was surprisingly shy at first about drinking on the train but I showed him the way!
We managed to slip in a couple at a great little pub, the Hole In The Wall which is built within the railway arches next to Waterloo station, then we were ready for action! The Royal Festival Hall was an excellent venue with slightly sloping seats which is ideal for me so I had a perfect view. OP told me that Love were going to play the whole of Forever Changes in its entirety which is a monumental album but he thought they were going to perform it acoustically. I was a bit gutted as that just
wouldnt be the same.
After a few great songs from Da Capo, Arthur Lee launched into Alone Again Or which was superb but what's more, the stage lights lit up the right side revealing a full string and brass band! We were going to experience Forever Changes in full technicolour sound! By this time, OP and I had more than a few scoops down us and when Red Telephone came around, we were practically dancing in the aisles. I remember when the line "and if you think I'm happy, paint'' came up and Arthur Lee shouted "Paint me slack", Old Pa was besides himself and stood up whooping! The funny thing was, no one else did and the arena remained in silence, the boring buggers! The concert was fabulous and I felt privaleged to have been there as Arthur Lee was only around for 3 more years before he died in 2006. RIP.
Gig Watch (everything you need to know!)
Recommended Pub: The Hole In The Wall
Recommended Restaurant: Take your pick from Southbank's great selection!

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FRONT ROW CENTRE - Love - 'The Red Telephone'
4/ 5


29 June 2013 at 09:07

What an experience - I'm jealous!

If I'm going to see someone I really like, I don't drink until after the gig. I'm always terrified that I'll miss something incredible if I have to nip out to the loo during the performance!

29 June 2013 at 09:54

It was definitely unforgettable TS and probably good advice not to get smashed before or during a concert. I have had a few occasions where I'm kicking myself as I don't remember every detail! Just a couple to get you in the mood is best!

29 June 2013 at 11:37

Pa and daughter bonding....what a night and to hear Forever Changes Live was of my best concerts ever