Thursday, 27 June 2013

HIP HOP CLASSICS - Rebel MC - 'The Wickedest Sound' / Congo Natty - 'Revolution'

Now ear' dis! Hip Hop classics, straight outta Surrey Heath!

Rebel MC - 'Wickedest Sound' feat Tenor Fly (1990)

Now this is one track I used to do the 'Running Man' hard to. When I was younger I used to spend the summers visiting family up in Scotland and I also had a good friend, who despite having an obsession with Madonna, was the only other Hip Hop head I knew. We both used to absolutely love this track. When B's dad was out we used to move into his living room which I remember it being designated a bit of a 'no-fly zone' (certainly the stereo), draw the curtains to protect us from the outside world (more likely to protect the outside world from us) and do the running man for the entire duration of the song, no breaks.

A dance crime perhaps but a great way to stave off the calories too from a summer spent drinking Irn-Bru and eating Stovvies. I kind of wish I got there instead of Johnny Zumba with my Running Man fitness program, aiding chubby B-boys the world over....word!

Taken from the Rebel MC's second album, 1991's Black Meaning Good, 'Wickedest Sound' is a definitive UK Hip Hop classic and despite this track being 23 years old, it still sounds as fresh now as did in 1990. It also proved there was much more the Rebel MC had to offer than 'Street Tuff', being widely recognised as a pioneer in Drum and Bass/Jungle.

Congo Natty - 'Revolution' (2013)

Today Rebel MC still records/produces and now goes under the name, Congo Natty and 'Revolution' is the new single from the forthcoming album Jungle Revolution (stream it here via Soundcloud). On first impressions I like what I hear, old skool Jungle interseped with Roots Reggae and with plenty of opportunities for the Running Man too, so there's still time for that bikini body. He still is the wickedest sound in London Town.

Or on Big Dada Records here....fass!

And ya don't stop..have a listen to our Hip Hop Classics playlist on Spotify or check out some more Hip Hop classics here..

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HIP HOP CLASSICS - Rebel MC - 'The Wickedest Sound' / Congo Natty - 'Revolution'
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30 June 2013 at 16:09

So thats what you got upto
Love the name Congo Natty and JR is pretty good taster...nice combo