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Friendly Fires - 'Paris'

Recollection Collection......musical memories recalled with affection!

 a chance to share some of my favourite songs, memories and B&B's. 

Friendly Fire - 'Paris' (2008) Great performance, great Ian Curtis style dancing!

There's nothing quite like springtime in Paris, that is unless you go when it's cold, grey and wet like I did in April. But that hardly mattered as it was for my wife's 40th (I know, what a guy!) - a rare foray away, the joys of parenthood shelved for two nights. I was also hoping to take in some of the sights and sounds of Jazz Age Paris al la movie, 'Midnight in Paris', Woody Allen's love letter to France's capital and a firm favourite of mine. It was a semi-surprise, as I ended up telling her a few weeks early and that was for two reasons:

Firstly, on the advice of fellow blogger Sfw, who wisely stated that a woman needs time to prepare and that I should probably give my wife the heads up in case she turns up, to one of the most stylish cities in the world, in a tracksuit (highly unlikely but I couldn’t take the risk).

Secondly, as my wife has never forgiven me for the last time I booked a surprise trip and as a result now takes on all the responsibility for booking breaks to make sure the family doesn't get traumatised, I needed to double-check that I was on the right track.

Better than Blackpool Tower? 
The aforementioned event was on the occasion of a friend's wedding when I decided to take the initiative and book a Bed and Breakfast. The website said that it was an idyllic cottage with a great breakfast, 5 minutes from the reception venue but more importantly it was cheap. It was also called 'Trade Winds'. I loved the name as it evoked the swashbuckling and romantic spirit of adventure, especially staying in a seaside town. Well, it was a crap adventure and it couldn't have been further from the truth. There were 2 single beds (romantic) with stains on the bed-sheets, a thick layer of dust covering the chintzy furniture with spiders ,dead and alive, lurking in the corners and quite clearly peeved that they now had to share their space with us. To top it all there was mould all over the (communal) bathroom. It made student digs look like the Ritz and, as everywhere else was full, it felt like we were well and truly shipwrecked. Furthermore, on reluctantly returning from a bizarre wedding reception (the groom ended up accusing his new bride of adultery), we were greeted by the B&B's owner, half naked in a dressing gown, gazing at us disapprovingly. It was like being in a creepy slasher movie. My wife was not happy! 

My SEAL team 6 style logistical planning paid off, and despite not hearing Cole Porter or having a drink with Scott Fitzgerald, we had a fantastic time. A beautiful boutique hotel, immaculately decorated (no mould or spiders to speak of) with a bath in the room! (All above board I can assure you). In an area where we could take in the most spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower I have ever seen (Palais de la Chaiilot) and strolling along the vibrant La Marais (so many vintage record shops too). Memories of my first ill fated surprise expedition well and truly exorcised! I can't wait for my 40th now!

Got the moves like Curtis, oooh oooh oooh....

Friendly Fires' 'Paris' was one of my favourite songs of 2008, probably due to the fact it's about Paris, it's romantic and has some good lines in it. An amorous guy promises his girl, they'll move to Paris as soon as he has enough cash and that's his goal, "just hold on a little more". And when they get there they'll watch the stars and city lights, "they'll be out for us", ahhh it's so nice. "I'll find you that French Boy, you'll find me that French Girl"....ehrm, hang on a minute, swapsies? That's not very romantic. Oh well, I suppose the French are at it, so when in Rome and all that (or Paris for that matter). 

The St Albans trio released their second album of 'Hawaiian shirt funk' in 2011, called Pala and have also released a Late Night Tales compilation. Check out their website here...... 

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Friendly Fires - 'Paris'
4/ 5


11 June 2013 at 18:49

I adore this song. I did not like Friendly Fires at first; this song completely changed my mind and bought the album purely for this!

12 June 2013 at 08:22

I completely agree, I don't think they've matched this song for charm either.