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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 02/06/13 - Daughn Gibson, Crystal Fighters, Imagine Dragons, Bonobo, Diplo

Five tracks that peepeed our popo this week....

Old Pa's Corner:-
Crystal Fighters - 'La Calling' (2013)


Crystal Fighters are a British/Spanish band who were formed in Navarra, (nice wine comes from there) Spain in 2007. This track La Calling is taken from their second album  Cave Rave (2011) just released. It will get you up to dance at all your summer Barbecues. So get you skimpy dresses on, shorts, T-shirts and flipflops. Buy your sausages and burgers and lets get the party started. All you people in the U.K, well, get you souwesta and wellies on and you can party too. There is a nice African feel about this one too it is spot on.

Shell Hunter:-
Diplo ft. Jahan Lennon - 'About That Life' (2012)

I have to say thanks to The Bees for bringing to my attention this summery number. On great app Mixcloud, I saw they had made a playlist for The Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire which is a weekend full of delights from music and dancing to food and games. Sounds like fun to me and with great artists such as The Bees, Empire Of The Sun, Ghostpoet to name but a few, I might actually look into "glamping" it up. Diplo, an LA based DJ initially shot to fame for working with M.I A and in more recent years created Major Lazer. Jahan Lennon is an artist signed to Diplo's Mad Decent lable and this collaboration struck a chord for me. This song although released last September is perfect for lounging around the park in the sunshine, or by the pool in Spain!

Bonobo - First Fires (Feat. Grey Reverend) (2013)

First Fires is a Track of the Day, Week and Month for me. It features on Bonobo's new album, 'The North Borders' which also features guest vocals from Erykah Badu. Whether you listen to it after a late night/early morning come down or you're middle aged (like me) and use it for dinner parties - you should do yourself a favour and pick it up -  It's the perfect accompaniment to the day.  Tune!

Daughn Gibson - 'Lite Me Up' (2012)

I've been hugely impressed by Pennsylvania's Daughn Gibson's 2012 album, All Hell, after reading about him in the NME. At just over 30 minutes it's one of the most enjoyable listens I've had in a while, it sounds as if Ian Curtis meets Johnny Cash at Scott Walker's pub, oh and throw in a double shot of electronica for good measure. 'Lite Me Up' does not feature on the album however and was released as a seperate single last year but it's been on heavy rotation this week and on this form I will be eagerly anticipating the former porn bookstore assistant's new album, Me Moan out on July 9th.Ooh er!

Read about Daughn Gibson's new album on Sub Pop here....and download the latest single from it too..that's nice.

London Scouser:-
Imagine Dragons - 'On Top Of The World' (2013)

Okay, I now declare summer officially here..... Maybe not weather-wise, but on the day this post goes out I will be joining up with Old Pa & Shell Hunter in Spain for my summer holiday. Also when I hear this song it makes me think happy summery thoughts. With it's singalong chorus and the sound of steel drums in the background it puts a smile on this person's face. I have been hearing this song along with the no doubt countless millions of people who play FIFA 13 as it's one of the many tracks that play along in between games. It's the second time I've featured Imagine Dragons as my TOTW, the previous one was my first ever TOTW week back in January with Radioactive, and it's still getting regular airplay. I said it then and I will say it again, they are destined for success on our side of the pond

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 02/06/13 - Daughn Gibson, Crystal Fighters, Imagine Dragons, Bonobo, Diplo
4/ 5


2 June 2013 at 12:25

An interesting selection!
Pa- like it, very vampire weekend
Sfw- like this too, you must have sophisticated dinner parties!
Fly- excellent! Have to listen to more!
LS- not bad but it's a bit too commercial for me, I preferred Radioactive because it was different

4 June 2013 at 09:49

A Summer Playlist!

OP - Like SH say's very Vampire Weekend, very good!
LS - Nice, like cold cider on a hot day.
SH - Like it - Summer of Love!
FC - Really like this bloke - A magnum ice cream on the beach...delicious!

4 June 2013 at 10:47

Old Pa, on first hearing it's good, it won't be the last I'll hear of this I'm sure. A definite grower.

SH, Diplo got some skills, this is brilliant. Right up my alley.

Sfw, a tidy bit of Lo-fi there butt.

LS, I'm am now immune to this song, it doesn't mean it's bad, it means I play FIFA too much. As for getting big, they seem to have the right formula for their brand of catchy pop. Probably a matter of time, as they've been on adverts and of course FIFA and that's massive exposure.

5 June 2013 at 16:35

Old Pa. Very Local Natives. I like it. Newsflash: The UK summer might have actually arrived....

Shell Hunter. I must confess that until now Diplo has been nothing more than a name to me, but I like this tune.

Sfw. I like Bonobo, but I have to say that this one slid right by me.

Flycasual. Hello, hello, what have we here then? I'm impressed with this tune - it doesn't sound much like yer usual NME fodder though! Note to self - check this guy out.

London Scouser. Another new name to me. A bit lightweight for my taste, but the clappy bit's good!

7 June 2013 at 10:09

SH - this is good...must get my orange sheets out. Nice and trippy
SFW - This is people still have dinner parties...pass the cheese sticks Tony!
FC - wow! this is right up my motor way...throw in Richard Cawley to the mix....must here the album right away
LS - full house this week I like em all...nice and beer o'clock