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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 10/06/2013 - Daft Punk, Thunderbird Gerard, The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra, CSS, Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs

Five tracks that put the drizzle on our shizzle

Daft Punk - Lose Yourself To Dance (2013)

This track features on Daft Punk's latest album Random Access Memories and it has put a spring in my step.  This video isn't official, so hopefully it stays up for a while, but it perfectly captures the grove of the song.  Nile Rodgers guitar riffs, slap bass (???), Soul Claps and Pharrell Williams make it the song of the album and Track of the Week.  If listening to this doesn't make you dance or tap your feet, you have no legs.  (obviously, no offence is intended if you have no legs).

Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs - 'Be Glamorous' (2013)

'Be Glamorous', a bit like me at work with my boat like safety boots, sweaty polyester trousers and mucky hi-viz vest, getting high on aviation fuel but apart that, it's one of the stand out tracks from Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs debut album, Clarietta. They have only been going for just over a year and are being compared to the likes of 70's New York Post Punk heroes, Television (Marquee Moon blew my mind when Old Pa gave me a copy of it listen to all those years ago) but with a sound also firmly rooted to London. The excellent single also has hints of T-Rex, which, like the title suggests, adds some much needed glam to guitar music.

Shell Hunter:-
CSS - 'Hangover' (2013)

I've always thought Brazilian electro-rock group CSS (or Cansei de Ser Sexy) were a bit woo and a bit wey. This latest offering proves that they still are mad as ever. I love this aptly titled single and its equally amusing video (anyone can dance!). I say aptly because I'm nearing the end of my holiday in Spain and I've had to succumb to the hangover gods once or twice, I'll have to admit. This track, taken from new album Planta which will be released tomorrow is a bit of ragga meets mariachi and the more I hear it, the more I like it. Simple lyrics with hangovers and heartbreak in the same breath, both giving you an equally rubbish feeling in life makes for a great pop song. "Let's be happy and drink bloody mary!"

Check out their label SubPop's site to see more...

Old Pa's Corner :-
The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra ft Bitty Mclean - Fu Manchu (2013)

Here is an interesting one from an album by The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra ft. Bitty Mclean and is called The Benevolence of Sister Mary Ignatius.  

Lee Thompson and Mark Bedford, two founder-members of Madness, started this project trying to recreate the kind of music that had inspired them as teenagers. To cut a long story short they enjoyed themselves so much the decided to do an album of Ska inspired songs and the result is pretty good. It is like listening to Two Tone revisited and do I love all that.

You can't beat a bit of Ska inspired reggae, Try this take of the Desmond Decker classic. The original is below.

London Scouser:
Thunderbird Gerard - 'Trouble' (2013)

At the risk of sounding repetitive I came across this song whilst listening to Scroobius Pip's xFM radios show via Mixcloud. Originally from New York, he now lives in Berlin via a stay in London. He has been described as the Kerouac of Rap and has been compared to a certain Q-Tip. Whilst I'm not so aware of the former, the latter is definitely good company. The chorus is instantly memorable and is accompanied by a great video. He is certainly one to watch and I will be keeping an eye fo' sho.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 10/06/2013 - Daft Punk, Thunderbird Gerard, The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra, CSS, Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs
4/ 5


9 June 2013 at 15:26

If I can go all 'Round Table' on you and give marks out of ten (utterly subjective, of course).

Daft Punk: Nice groove and better than the most recent single which became a bit annoying after the tenth hearing - I'll give it 7. If the video had been the official one it would have earned an extra point.

Charlie Boyer: Yes, definite hint of Tom Verlaine vocals mixed with the T. Rex riffs. Good idea. I like it. Another 7.

CSS: They're pretty hip dudes, aren't they? This sounds a bit like Euro-Pop for my liking but that may be a good thing for some. 4 points.

Ska Orchestra: Good sounds for the 'long hot summer' (ha!). Not sure how many ska revivals we need but as a lover of the real stuff and Two Tone I'll take this. 6.

Thunderbird Gerard: I wonder what is meant by 'Kerouac of Rap'? has a written a long stream of consciousness novel about his travels across the States or is it because he's an incurable drunk who lives with his mother? 4 points from this listener.

9 June 2013 at 19:09

Ha, good idea SB and I love the Kerouac reference!!

11 June 2013 at 12:27

I also will round table the Mu?£&$*cka! All excellent tracks!

Sfw, 'Get Lucky' is an amazing song, I hear it a lot through the radio unfortunately and I just hope I don't get tired of it. This is also brilliant, Pharell, dope bass line and a soul clap! And if the video is not official then it should be, there are some sick moves in it. 8

SH, CSS, great name and bonkers of course. They can be a bit hit and miss but this will be a grower, great reggae ting going on and another good video. 7

Old Pa, good good stuff, I never heard the original though. I really like this and probably will check out the album. Great vocal from Bitty Maclean too! 8

LS, very nice a good discovery I will be definitely checkin this cat out fo sho, interesting! 7

14 June 2013 at 10:42

SFW - talking about legless!!!this is excellent that distinctive dance track heard for a while
FC - Spot on description Television meets TRex
SH - not too sure about this one ...may be a grower
LS - this is really good but don't get the Kerouac ref...I'm 'on the Road' again.

18 June 2013 at 13:14

Sfw- another fab song from the album and refreshing to hear a different one although I am not sick of Get Lucky yet surprisingly. Brilliant video!
Fly- like it's raunchy guitar. I get T-Rex but more modern hits were Supergrass and BRMC
Pa- excellent! Bitty is back too, will check the album if its all as good as this
LS- really love this! He sounds a bit like LL Cool J and I especially like the old slave song style chant that is sampled