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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 23/06/13 - Dizraeli and the Small Gods, KINS, Jon Hopkins, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Beck

Five tracks that lifted the smog for us this week...

Old Pa's Corner:-
Jon Hopkins - Immunity (2013)

This is pretty awe inspiring stuff. I was please to find Jon Hopkins had recorded a new album and was even more delighted to find that he has paired up with King Cresote again on this simply brilliant track. It is one of those that could be on all day and you would not get bored. Excuse for me a second while I switch it back on for the 10th time. It is a slow burner, but stick with it and wait for the King's vocals, it is pure chicken skin.

Close your eyes, this one can take you places other song cannot reach..  This may well be a contender for my tracks of the year so far.

London Scouser:-
Dinosaur Pile-Up - Derail (2013)

Named after a scene in the King Kong remake from 2005, this band hail from Leeds. Their debut album was reminiscent of the debut by The Foo Fighters in that lead singer Matthew Bigland wrote, recorded and sung all of the tracks. Smarty-pants !!!
This track which sounds like it could be a Foo Fighters cover is off of their new album Nature Nurture and if this track is anything to go by then I'm sure I'll enjoy it. I'm trying to figure out who the voice reminds me of.... So far I'm stuck on Dave Edmunds.
The video is in a bizarre coincidence, similar to my choice from last week in that it features a violent female character. Eagle-eyed viewers may even recognise her (my only clue is that she was an X-Factor contestant who didn't like to wear shoes !!)

KINS - 'Post Tropical Storm' (2013)
KINS are a four piece Anglo-Aussie band based in Brighton which recently triggered one of my simple pleasures - the joy of making me stop what I am doing and get me thinking, "Who is this!".
Musically, they sound like Keaton Henson/The Villagers/The Foals, which is like having all my  favourite ingredients in one dish, and boy is it tasty!  You can Download this (for free) from Bandcamp here or Soundcloud here

Dizraeli and the Small Gods - 'Sailor' (2013)

Dizraeli and the Small Gods are a Bristolian (where else?) collective led by poet/rapper, Rowan Sawday (Dizraeli), which have taken the colourful task of marrying traditional English Folk music with Hip Hop. At first, on listening to the album Moving in the Dark, I was a bit cautious by the prospect of a Morris dancing Hip Hop troop but persistence paid off and I am glad I was proved wrong, swayed by Dizraeli's sharp storytelling talent as well as the Small Dogs' Folk harmonies and musicianship. And the whole concept works, no more so than the Hip Hop shanty that is 'Sailor', an atmospheric tale featuring fellow UK MC, Jam Baxter and vocalist Cate Ferris who provides the voice for the haunting and memorable chorus. It's some of the most uniquely British and innovative music I've heard in awhile. This ain't no gimmick y'all, I'm down with ye olde skool.

Shell Hunter:-
Beck - 'Defriended' (2013)

Beck is back...hooray! I read that he has 2 albums due out this year, an acoustic one and a new one to follow on from where Modern Guilt left off. Its about bloody time too Mr. Hansen! I instantly liked this new track, its like an electro slow dance! If you listen hard enough, you can hear the same bumbling bass that was in fantastic song from Midnight Vultures, Debra. Now that Ive had a taster, I want more. I always applauded Beck for his musical prowess, being a master of instruments, sampling and spanning all genres. He basically floats my boat full stop and to top it all off, he is the sort of totty you be safe bringing home to mum. I'm a bit miffed that I wasn't aware he was touring until it was too late. He's playing the Union Chapel in Islington on July 7th but it's showing as sold out! Gutted!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 23/06/13 - Dizraeli and the Small Gods, KINS, Jon Hopkins, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Beck
4/ 5


25 June 2013 at 00:00

Old Pa. I've heard a couple of tracks from JH's new album, but not this and you're not wrong - it's quite breathtaking. I saw King Creosote again a couple of weeks back, brilliant as always, I must write a post about him.

LS. The video is a very well observed Hitchcock homage. Nice double twist at the end too. Pretty Foo Fighterish tune as you say.

SFW. A new name to me too. Good stuff.

Flycasual does it again. As ever, my preconceptions are confounded by your selection. Will deffo be following up on this one. Very interesting indeed.

Shell Hunter. I'm a bit out of touch with Beck's later stuff - enjoyed this though.

26 June 2013 at 21:01

Jon Hopkins - just beautiful. Must grab the album when I can.

Kins - rather nice.

Dizraeli and the Small Gods - Strikingly strong and original. Must follow this lot up further. Like his Bristolian accent.

Beck - will always be at least interesting and this is that and a bit more. Will probably have to hear it a few more times, though.

Dinosaur Pileup - Great name and good video. Not my sort of music but it probably does what it does well.

27 June 2013 at 17:16

Old pa, track of the year, taking you places other songs cannot reach, that's accolade indeed. I agree, I also listened to the album and this was one of a couple of standouts. Try listening to this on the way home after a late shift, in the dark....perfect.

LS, what is it with you and the violence? I love the name and the song is ok, I definitely get the Foo's reference. I remember my wife coming home with a CD bought purely on the name of the band. It was Panic at the Disco and it were pants. Noel Edmunds?

30 June 2013 at 15:54

LS - nice twist at the end....good track, I like it
SFW - this is good to definately will look into them further
FC - quite strange but in a nice way..morris dancers and hip just seems right
SH - not too sure about this on first hearing...I think I need to hear it again...a sure grower

1 July 2013 at 14:47

Sfw, thoroughly enjoyed this track. There's a lot going in there and definitely will be following it up. Shame it's not on Spotify yet

SH, this was a bit like watching the Phantom Menace, I really wanted to like it because it's Beck, being a fan and all but I'm ultimately dissapointed. I'm sure there's Pod Race moment in there but I think I need to give it another few goes. Certainly will get the album.