Wednesday, 12 June 2013

WEDNESDAY CLUB - Cat Stevens/Jimmy Cliff - Wild World

WEDNESDAY CLUB - Cat Stevens owes me 7/6 pence !

Apres Cat time
CAT STEVENS - Wild World (Live)

Living way up in Inverness in the sixties was a million miles away from where it was 'all happening' in the music scene. There were no venues to see all the many new artists and groups that had exploded out of the blue.

The day finally happened, one of the new sensations was a young Cat Stevens and he was playing in Inverness. He had some excellent stuff out at the time Matthew and Son, I love my Dog. In fact early Cat music, before he became more famous for his 'more serious' output was in my opinion just as good or even better. Get hold of his early Decca recordings and you won't be disappointed.

The place was packed, the Caledonia Hotel Ballroom, The Cat came on to the stage to an enormous roar, I'm Gonna Get me a Gun, one of his best. In the middle of his second song, he was gone. He panicked, as the audience got too close. He did not come back on and it was announced that due to inadequate barriers the concert was cancelled.

The Move were due on the following week. I hope they got their act together.

Many years later I had a chance to get my revenge. Where we lived in Jeddah, there was a Men's club and one day I saw that they had a guest speaker. It was none other than Yousef Islam, Cat's Islamic name when he found his calling? after a near death swimming accident.

I was tempted to go along and when they got to the question and answer session.  I was going to stand up and say you own me 7/6 pence from 1966. Wish I did!

Wild World is probably my favourite Cat Stevens song and comes from his Tea for the Tillerman (1970) album. I first heard Jimmy Cliff's version. Both are just great.

I originally thought it was a great break up song and was a little disappointed to read somewhere that it was about a father and his daughter, who was leaving home to go to University. Wish I never found that out.

JIMMY CLIFF - Wild World (1970)

Which version do you like best?.

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Cat Stevens/Jimmy Cliff - Wild World
4/ 5


13 June 2013 at 07:35

A father to his daughter going off to university? How terribly bourgeois! Great song, though. You really should have torn Yusuf off a strip for the Inverness Incident. I agree with you about his early stuff - very fine pop indeed. Who could argue with 'I Love My Dog'?

24 June 2013 at 22:38

It makes no sense as a father-daughter song.

"Now that I've lost everything to you, Say you want to start something new, And it's breaking my heart you're leavin', Baby I'm grievin' "

It's got to be about a breakup.

But it's still pretty creepy, the guy is so paternalistic toward his girl he'll always remember like a child.

24 June 2013 at 23:58

Howard, thanks for the are right sudenly it does sound a bit 'creepy'...lets hope it is about father daughter??. Well he did do a father son song!!!