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GUEST POST #63 - Jake Almond - They Need To Be Fed 2 Epic Theme

This weeks Guest Spot has once again been submitted by natcwilson, welcome back. If you fancy sharing your fave tunes with us, do what she did and click on the link here

Jake Almond - They Need To Be Fed 2 - Epic Mode Theme(2013)

"I don't think anyone has done a post on game music yet, so here goes......."

There's such a wealth of amazing music which is generally over looked as ""real"" music because it is presented within games. There's an abundant musical world bursting out of it's underappreciated seams with tunes from achingly beautiful masterpieces in games like Journey (I'm considering buying a Playstation 3 just so I can play this game) through to down right silly themes, SugarCube Bittersweet Factory pops to mind. From indie games to huge mainstream releases, there's music that is so well crafted that the games just wouldn't be what they are without their soundtracks!

Some of my favourites come from the indie world. Machinarium has an ambient jazzy electronic soundtrack by Tomáš Dvořák (AKA Floex) that is intricately unique and gets you doing silly little robot dances with the characters of the game.

The Botanicula (another Aminata design game) soundtrack is infectiously happy and in game it is interactive which pulls you into it's glowing land of troubled seed pods and feathers. All a bit like an enjoyable acid trip at the bottom of your garden.

Krater's soundtrack is understated and normally in the background of the game, and comes into play when you walk past a bar or find a rave, it's really fun!

Unmechanical's soundtrack by Jonas Kjellberg, Borderland's 2 grinding post apocalyptic soundtrack with contributions from Jesper Kyd who's the chappy who worked on Assassin's creed, Skyrim's drinking/patriotic nordic/Dragonborn songs, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery.....

This list could go on for a while, so I'll stop now and share a track with you, I'm in love with the jazzy tongue in cheek vocals that come in nearer the end, kinda reminds me of Bobby McFerrin. It's from They Need To Be Fed 2 and it's the Epic Mode Theme. Enjoy!!

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GUEST POST #63 - Jake Almond - They Need To Be Fed 2 Epic Theme
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1 July 2013 at 21:31

What a great idea for a post - and I LOVE this, thanks! Parts of it, perhaps not surprisingly, remind me of Kraftwerk. Very classy.