Thursday, 4 July 2013

Samba Toure - 'Be Ki Don' / 'Aye Go Mila' / 'Ago Djamba'

Samba Toure - 'Be Ki Don' (2013)

Samba Toure is my new Malian Blues hero. These tracks are taken from his third album, Albala (Danger) and it's a brilliantly sombre affair, Desert Blues in every sense of the phrase, with most songs reflecting on Mali's recent turmoil. Imagine an Islamist ban on music for example, absolute nonsense considering Mali's rich musical heritage. This is everything I love about the genre, intricate guitar playing, hypnotic rhythms, creating a unique atmosphere only the Desert Blues can bring. I imagine the hot desert wind on my face and a mouthful of sand ruining my mint tea, it's essential listening in my view.

Despite cutting his teeth by making a name for himself with the legendary Ali Farka Toure's band and with two albums under his belt, it looks like Albala could be the deserved breakthrough for the 40 year bluesman and recognition amongst the plethora of Mali's musical talent.

I could only find an audio for album opener 'Be Ki Don' (Everybody Dance) but if you have Spotify you can stream my two favourite tracks from the album,

The love song, 'Aye Go Mila' (I only Think of Her (I don't know if he mentions his mother in law in it as it reminds me a bit of Willie Dixon's 'Walking the Blues')).

And the moody and entrancing, 'Ago Djamba' (Life Betrays Us), in fact why not treat yourself and listen to the album here....

Thanks to Songlines Magazine's free CD sampler for giving the heads up once again, and if you want to read more on Samba Toure, find him here on Glitterhouse Records....

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Samba Toure - 'Be Ki Don' / 'Aye Go Mila' / 'Ago Djamba'
4/ 5