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GIVE ME A GUITAR!!! - The Wildhearts - 'Caffeine Bomb' / 'I Wanna Go Where The People Go'

The Wildhearts - 'Caffeine Bomb' (1994)

They say that every decision you make in life has a consequence however great or small. Some you regret, some you remember with absolute fondness.
This is one of the latter....
In the 90's I had a steady job working for a high street bank and spent my money on CD's and videos. My local video rental store in Feltham was a place called Terminal Five Video. I got on really well with the owners and one day I asked if they had any part time jobs. I fancied getting to watch films cheaper or even for free and thought why not. They were just in the process of opening a new store in Bedfont and I had the privilege of being the first person to work in the new store. It was whilst working there that I got meet a guy called Darren (I've forgotten his last name I'm sad to say) and he introduced me to a number of things that to this day I still like. He was a metal-head..... I absolutely wasn't and he introduced me to many great bands amongst then were Alice In Chains who to this day remain my fave band of the grunge scene. He got me into Marvel Comics in an obscenely big way (ps if you wanna buy my collection please let me know.... Seriously) There was also the WWF wrestling which I've managed to wean myself off of.

The Wildhearts - 'I Wanna Go Where The People Go' (1995)

The other band which I have to thank him for was The Wildhearts. They were loud, brash and looked like they needed a good wash..... But I liked them, so much so that I bought their albums Fishing For Luckies and also Earth vs The Wildhearts. Their next album was imaginatively titled Phuq (they got away with it too... I bought it in Woolies !!) They had some great song titles, like 'If Life Is Like A Love Bank, I Want An Overdraft', 'Greetings From Shitsville' and my favourite 'My Baby Is A Headfuck' !!!
The tracks I've chosen both have videos from Top Of The Pops and I remember seeing Caffeine Bomb and chuckling to myself when they got away with the lyrics 'Baby can't you see I'm shitting brown water' it was when they used to go out live and I'm sure that the people in charge probably couldn't understand a word that they were singing.
Very child friendly !!
The lead singer, Ginger has had a relatively unsuccessful solo career and been involved in a few side projects. Most notably for me a band called Clam Abuse who did a great cover of 'I Think I Love You'
This may not be to everybody's taste but I don't mind and its all down to the decision to work in Terminal Five Video. Thanks Theo & Anja for the job and thanks Darren for the music.

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GIVE ME A GUITAR!!! - The Wildhearts - 'Caffeine Bomb' / 'I Wanna Go Where The People Go'
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12 August 2013 at 21:59

Gotta admire them for calling their album Phuq! I'd love to have been working in a record shop at the time and been asked for that one... Also impressed by the happily uncensored ToTP appearance.
I was delighted, when chatting to the art director for a children's book publisher I was working with recently, to discover that she used to go out with Ginger!

13 August 2013 at 11:38

What a bloody racket! I have never heard of the Wildhearts until now, thanks for the intro I think. Love your Clerks like insight to the video shop world of Bedfont, though.

14 August 2013 at 10:43

C - when I bought the CD I wanted to ask at the counter for it but I didn't have the cojones to try !!! I have heard other people pronounce it Phook !!! Cos I'm sure that's why it really is !! Lol
At the time they were going out, who would have been the more embarrased of the others profession I wonder??

14 August 2013 at 10:46

FC - check their Best Of album out, they aren't all a racket.