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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 04/08/13 - Shy FX, Villagers, Kings Of Leon, Merchandise, Franz Ferdinand

Five tracks that were a welcome cold pack of brewski's...

Old Pa's Corner :-
Merchandise - 'Anxiety's Door' (2013)

Shellhunter was here this week as it was Old Ma's seventieth birthday. We were at this pub and the guy was very excited to tell us about his new project. Playing concerts videos outside, He said he had Tom Jones and even Michael Bollocks. I asked if he had the Smiths?.
Now that brings me to the track Anxiety's Door by Merchandise. It is more like the Smiths than the Smiths are. But don't let that distract you, it is a fantastic track and could quite easily fit in to any classic Smiths Album. The guitar work all through the song is superb and I bet even Mr Marr himself would approve.

It is taken from their Totale Nite (2013) mini CD and is worth a big listen.

Villagers - 'Earthly Pleasures' (2013)

'Earthly Pleasures', is set for release on August 26th and features on the Villagers second album, {Awayland}.  The video nicely embodies Conor O'Brien's fantastic story telling.

In June, Villagers toured in North America and played a standout show at Glastonbury Festival. Earlier this month Conor O’Brien was invited to appear at Beck’s Song Reader Live at The Barbican in London, alongside Jarvis, Franz Ferdinand, Charlotte Gainsbourg and others. Conor performed his own sensitive version of “Old Shanghai” which was hailed as a standout of the evening by The Independent and also performed a duet with Beck on closing song “Do We, We Do”.

Shy Fx - 'Soon Come' Feat Liam Bailey (2013)

Heavy tune! This is so good. 'Soon Come', featuring the vocal talents of Liam Bailey, is the new single from Shy FX, who is perhaps more well known for his Drum and Bass exploits. But his heart is well and truly rooted in reggae, evident in his forthcoming reggae album 'Cornerstone', out later this summer. The single's hook is based on an old Lloyd Charmers track called 'Oh Me Oh My' but instead of using a sample, Shy FX wanted to re-recorded it onto audio reel for that authentic vintage sound.

I much preferred the above video for it's retro feel as the official one reminds me of a cider ad but I'm just miserable. Catch it here too if you need cheering up.

Shy FX on Digital Soundboy

Shell Hunter:-
Franz Ferdinand - 'Right Action' (2013)

This was one of those instant hits for me, makes me want to stomp around the room! It's been 4 years since Franz Ferdinand had an album out so the release of Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action next month, is long awaited for me. You could say this single is Franz Ferdinand by numbers, it is everything I like about them and more: the funky pounding guitar and marching beat with a smattering of catchy singalong choruses. The Glasgow band are touring heavily at the moment and will be paying a visit to Electric Brixton in London on 20th August and I'm sure their stage engergy will be worth sneaking a peak at!

London Scouser:-
Kings Of Leon - 'Supersoaker' (2013)

The Followills are back..... Nuff said !!!! Ok so I'll say a few more words. Its been a few years since they released anything and for me they're back on form. With a song that has their distinct sound ticking my great track boxes. I've been a fan since the day Shellhunter came home and said you have to listen to 'Molly's Chambers'. We were lucky enough to see them in 2008 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas and they didn't disappoint. I'm glad we saw them in a fairly intimate venue because they are so big now its either a stadium or something almost as big. Great as it would be, I prefer the smaller venue. A comedian who's name escapes me once said that stadium gigs are pointless, you end up being so far away, you may as well listen whilst you sit in your garden with the album cover placed at the far end cos that's the same kind of view you'd have !!!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 04/08/13 - Shy FX, Villagers, Kings Of Leon, Merchandise, Franz Ferdinand
4/ 5


4 August 2013 at 19:57

Merchandise - new to me and so like The Smiths it's ridiculous. Difficult to hear without thinking of Manchester's finest. I suppose it's pretty good if you haven't loved The Smiths forever but, personally, I don't need any more of this.

Vilagers - as strong as ever and I'm sure they'll be getting better yet.

Shy Fx - can't argue with this - fine slice of classic sounding reggae.

Franz Ferdinand - where the heck have they been? That's along holiday. Pretty much what you might expect from them which is solid and inoffensive.

Kings of Leon - I'm in total agreement with you about stadium gigs but I'm not fan of this band really so can't comment any more than to say this is ok.

7 August 2013 at 09:54

SFW - once it gets going it is great...will look forward to the album
FC - nice bit of summer reggae...pass the cider
SH - never a great FF fan but this is not too the video and as you say pounding guitar
LS - KOL are back! we got UB 40 here next week and at 50 a shot going to sit in a pub close by...rock 'n roll

10 August 2013 at 14:33

I'm loving this Shy FX track!

16 August 2013 at 06:54

Old Pa, Smiths or not this is good, will prob check out the album.

Sfw, clever song and I love the vid. I'm really starting to dig the Villagers. Always make sure you wear clean underpants!

SH, I think this is going to be a real grower, it's FF as you'd expect and that's not really a bad thing.

LS, again Kings of Leon as you'd expect but sadly they kind have lost their impact on me. Need more Milk!

16 August 2013 at 06:55

It's a good one Mr Swede!