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BBQ Hip Hop, the perfect accompaniment to put some sizzle on yo double B Q-izzle.

In proper middle aged fashion, I remember having a discussion with a friend about the state of Hip Hop, as you do, and he told me "Man, all you listen to is that BBQ Hip Hop shit!". I loved the description and it was an accusation I could live with as, I've always loved the soulful, laid back kind of Hip Hop, the type you can marinate to along with the chicken breasts.

If you have family round and are worried about your gran choking over a stray profanity as she demolishes a burger? Don't sweat it, instead of dropping your Caesars salad diving for the pause button, just perform a strategic woop or a sly cough and bingo, family crisis averted. You'll be back chillin' and grillin' in no time.

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1) People Under the Stairs - Jamboree Pt.1 (2006) - Stepfather

If BBQ Hip Hop was an official genre, this West Coast crew with their penchant for al fresco dining, would be the undisputed kings.

2) Pharcyde - Runnin' (1994) - Labcabincalifornia

An aural kebab of the premium kind. A Hip Hop classic from another West Coast group synonymous with their laid back flow.

3) Slum Village - 'Forth & Back' (1997) - Fan-Tas-Tic (vol 1)

A track that will have you snoozing into your beans with it's hypnotic soul claps. Continuing where A Tribe Called Quest left off, Detroit's Slum Village give us a seriously laid back jam. It also introduced me to the genius of beat maker, J Dilla too.

4) Q-Tip - 'Things We Do' (1999) - Amplified

A side order of soul food from ATCQ's front man.

5) Souls of Michief - '93' til Infinity' (1993) - 93' til Infinity

Another veritable Hip Hop Classic again hailing from the west coast and still sounds as fresh as ice cold vintage cider.

6) Scritti Politti - 'Tinseltown to the Boogiedown' feat Mos Def & Lee Majors - (1999) - Anomie & Bonhomie

I was going through a tough patch whilst this was out, so for me, it's one of those tracks that's like a hit of oxygen, or a Che strength Cuba Libre complete with umbrella. One of my favourite Hip Hop tracks that also introduced me to Mos Def.

7) The Roots - 'Right On' feat Joanna Newsom (2010) - How I Got Over

Hands down my favourite track from 2010. I'm a Roots fan and this track, with it's brilliant Joanna Newsom sample, reminded me a bit of De La Soul and all what's good about Golden Age Hip Hop.

8) Homeliss Derelix - 'Survivin' the Game' (2005) - Fraudulent the Album

They won't get many accolades for their spelling but they make that up in Hip Hop goodness! Also my favourite track to contain a reference to the Nepalese capital, Katmandu.

9) Talib Kweli - 'The Blast' (2000) - Reflection Eternal

Love, love this track which I first heard in New York, it was the perfect soundtrack then and is also the prefect soundtrack whilst murdering some spicy wings.

10) Pete Rock - 'Step Up' feat InI (2003) - Lost and Found: Hip Hop Underground Soul Classics

Taken from an album later in his career, it showed that Pete Rock (one half of Hip Hop legends Pete Rock and CL Smooth) hadn't lost any of his touch. Perfect for bobbing your head over the briquettes.

11) Cam'Ron - 'Hey Ma' (2002) - Come Home With Me

A bit of a cheese ball Hip Hop tune maybe but if, like me, you're a fan of grilled Halloumi then you'll be swayed by the sentiment and the clever Commodores sample. Boy meets girl, both a bit partial for booze and fags which results in a good time. That is unless he is really talking about his ma!

12) Neneh Cherry - 'Sassy' feat Guru (1992) - Homebrew

Neneh Cherry + Guru = Strawberries and Cream

13) Ode To Nujabes (Luv (sic) pt2) - Funky DL

A friend of mine introduced me to this a few years back and I was completely hooked. A bonkers video and an absolutely flawless track by the late Japanese Hip Hop DJ, Nujabes, which would grace any playlist, particularly one while you have a face full of ribs. I was initially reluctant to feature this version as Spotify doesn't have the original with the MC Shing02, however the essence is there and it's a fitting tribute.

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10 August 2013 at 20:05

What a great run down. I can't wait to have my next BBQ to try it out whilst poking my coals!