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Echo and the Bunnymen - Thorn of Crowns

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...Sandy Lyle - The Open

ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN - Thorn of Crowns (1984) 

I always thought Sandy Lyle had the talent to win one of Golf's majors and he was a Scots man to.

I was visiting my parents in Inverness during the Open in 1985, The day before it started I went out with my father to his bowling club for our lunch time drink. I always looked forward to this as it was a joy to listen to the banter between my father and his senior mates. They had me in stitches.

This time my Father went to the Bookies before going to his club. I don't usually bet on horses but I decided to have a flutter on Sandy to win the Open, the odds were 14 to 1 so I put a tenner on Sandy to win.

Andy was doing quite well, he was in contention and when the last round came he was right up there. I said that if Sandy wins I will share the spoils with everybody who was in the room at that moment.

Bloody 'ell, he just went and did it. There were 10 people there, including myself, so it was £15 each. I bought some booze to celebrate and you know what?  I lost money after I paid everyone and bought the booze.

Oh Well! it was worth it. My sister and brother in law got a new fence, the kids got something they wanted. My father got an good bottle of Malt and of course Sandy won the Claret Jug. A good day all round.

Why Thorn of Crowns?. Well I bought the Album Ocean Rain in a second hand shop that morning and I loved the track. It always reminded me of Captain Beefheart

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Echo and the Bunnymen - Thorn of Crowns
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22 August 2013 at 08:04

Sounds like an expensive win Old Pa! Great tune.

22 August 2013 at 15:31

"Andy was doing well", a Freudian slip? You're obsessed! I remember this, what did I get?