Sunday, 1 September 2013

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 01/09/13 - Emiliana Torrini, Dreadzone, Belle and Sebastian, Volcano Choir

Four tracks that got us twerking this week

Old Pa's Corner :-
Dreadzone Ft Mick Jones - Too Late (2013)

I have followed Dreadzone ever since I heard the track 'Life, Love and Unity' from their album, Second Light (1995) and if you haven't heard that track, do it, it's a must hear!

This track, 'Too Late', I am glad to say, features none other than Mick Jones Ex The Clash and you can see him in all his glory in the video. It is a nice little sampler from their new album Escapades (2013) which is due to be released in a weeks time. Great to see them still rocking.

London Scouser:-

Belle And Sebastian - 'Your Covers Blown' (Miaoux Miaoux Remix) (2013)

At the time of writing I'm a very happy bunny, not just cos I'm on holiday in Montego Bay, Jamaica but cos I've been listening to a new Belle And Sebastian album (The Third Eye Centre). It's a collection of 19 rare tracks and b-sides, most of which I've heard and have somewhere but it's great to have them all together. The original version of this was on the CD single of 'Books' released in 2004 and it was probably my favourite song of that year. It seems to be a few different songs all put together to make for me a perfect pop song. When Shellhunter and I first saw them live in Hammersmith in 2006, this was my highlight. They've been busy touring the US & Canada and doing a bunch of European festivals this summer, hopefully they will do some gigs in the UK soon. If so, I'll be there with Belle's on.

Volcano Choir - Comrade (2013)

The collaboration of Collections Of Colonies Of Bees and Bon Iver are back experimenting with their second album, Repave and this is the second single. It has all the hallmarks of Bon Iver, yet slightly more experimental. I believe Justin Vernon is a genius. If you told me 10 years ago that one of my favourite artists would use tribal drums, Gregorian chanting and auto tune when creating his masterpieces, I'd tell you to go back to the madhouse.

Emiliana Torrini - 'Speed of Dark' (2013)

The humdrum of work is made a lot easier when I manage to hijack the office radio to BBC6 Music. So with one ear on Lauren Laverne's show last week, I hear this song come on and it's one of those that instantly grabs my attention, getting me up like a flustered meerkat who has heard a rather unusual noise. I'm seduced by the vocal hook and the sultry tone of Emiliana Torrini, reminding me a bit of Roisin Murphy and Little Dragon, two of my favourite female artists. 'Speed of Dark' is taken from the Icelandic songstress' fourth album, Tookah, out on Sept 9th.

Speed to her website now!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 01/09/13 - Emiliana Torrini, Dreadzone, Belle and Sebastian, Volcano Choir
4/ 5


1 September 2013 at 19:19

Nice tracks...all of them
Partly coincidental for me because I've been digging out some old CDs and only yesterday decided to listen to Emiliana Torrini's Love In The Time of Science which had been stuck away on the shelf untouched for a year or two at least - it was great to be reminded how good she is, so it was brilliant to hear a new track from her here. Also Dreadzone... was only listening to Iron Shirt last week...the only track I have by them! Is that a sample of Is Vic There? ?!

3 September 2013 at 20:22

Old Pa. Glad you choose this one. What a corker! One of the (extremely) rare times that I ever danced at a gig was at a Dreadzone show donkeys years ago, when they played 'Little Britain'. (I think you're right about the Dept S sample C.)

LS. I like Belle & Sebastian a lot, but I confess that I'm not instantly blown away by this mix. I didn't pick up all their singles though, so I'll check out the rest of the album.

SFW. This is sublime, such an effective video too.

Flycasual. The only album of hers that I own is the first Gus Gus LP, but I always really enjoy her music when I bump into it. This is really good. Must search out more of her stuff.

5 September 2013 at 10:54

Old Pa, track of the week for me...good stuff.

LS, nice and camptastic, love it!

Sfw, very good and so's the video, it hit me like a pyroclastic blast!

6 September 2013 at 11:09

Old Pa - like it!
LS - very nice!
Flycasual - track of the week, you're right about the Roisin Murphy comparison, tidy mun!

7 September 2013 at 11:52

LS - i like this a lot will be checking out the release
SFW - progrssive Bon Iver sort of somes it up
FC - when i heard this first i compared the market for somthing's not bad