Sunday, 15 September 2013

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 15/09/13 - Tirzah, Cut Copy, Richard Buckner, George Ezra

Four tracks that were like musical viagra......


George Ezra - Budapest (2013)

I saw George live at the Thekla back in March and was blown away by this baby faced assassin. His music is a nod in the direction of Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie but his raw, emotive voice gets the ladies swooning. He's only released a couple of tracks but is touring in the UK in September & October and I highly recommend you catching him near you in the next few weeks - trust me, I'm a Doctor!

Tirzah - 'Inside Out' (2013)

This was a bit like an intravenous hit, well sort of, it instantly got my attention when I first heard it on a Ninja Tunes staff picks playlist (try saying that after a few) on Spotify. A brilliant track that starts off with a sinister like industrial beat which is at once softened by Tirzah's soothing voice, the warped synths just add to the fun. Tirzah is the protege and school pal of Micachu (Michacu and the Shapes) who produced the impressive I'm Not Dancing EP from which 'Inside Out' is taken. We'll be hearing more from her fo sho'...

Old Pa's Corner:-
Richard Buckner - When You Tell Me How It Is (2013)

I have not listened to too much music this week (you know, things to do and all that)  so when it came to do TOTW, I felt it would be a bit of a struggle, then I remember liking a track by Richard Buckner which I had heard earlier in the week.  I checked it out again and was hooked. It is a hard one to pin down. There are elements of folk, elements of Mexicana, elements of rock. Oh! well Americana fits the bill then, Good enough for me.

I for one will be checking out his new album  'Surrounded' (2013). This is good stuff.

Shell Hunter:-
Cut Copy - 'Let Me Show You Love' (2013)

I read that the Aussie 4 piece will be returning with their forth album in November later this year and thought, yikes, I must have missed a single somewhere! Sure enough this was released back in June and it is really growing on me in a big way even though the video is a bit sickly. From its Public Enemy siren at the very start, to its Friendly Fires meets 808 State electro funk. Listen out for the "Go, Go, Go" in the background which kicks in around the 4.30 mark, it reminds me of an American talk show like Ricky Lake or Jerry Springer! Be sure to catch the guys on their tour this year, visiting London Bethnal Green's Oval Space on November 26th. See you at the Bar!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 15/09/13 - Tirzah, Cut Copy, Richard Buckner, George Ezra
4/ 5


16 September 2013 at 10:25

Sfw: I'm swooned, he had me at 'miles'. My dope track of the week.

Old Pa: Not bad, sort of burbles on without doing much.

SH: go Rickie, go Rickie....this is pretty good. As for the video it felt like I had just made the jump to lightspeed which was cool until I started feeling ill.

17 September 2013 at 15:25

SFW - this is excellent....loved it
FC - like this a special brew.....i did it again i must have clicked the next track and both were playing at same time.....i thought it was part of the song and i thought this is really different and origina. I had to start againl
SH - not bad this and very well described...very MF and I would dance too