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Pet Shop Boys - What Have I Done to Deserve This Ft. Dusty Springfield

Old Pa's Wednesday Club

Raffles Hotel

PET SHOP BOYS FT. DUSTY SPRINGFIELD - What have I done to deserve This (1988)

(Cont. from last week)

We found a hotel in downtown Singapore it had the dubious name of the Cockpit Inn, but it seemed pretty good. (That reminded me of the Gay Pub in Staines, called the 'Cock Inn', simply brilliant).

We decided to just enjoy ourselves as we were here and decided to have a few drink and a nice meal somewhere and start to worry tomorrow. I remember well being in a piano bar and their theme was, we play any request. Joy Division's Atrocity Exhibition sorted that one out very sharpish.

I made contacted with my Bosses in Saudi and they were not best pleased, but they did say they would arrange that I would get a seat on Monday's plane.

'I'm in trouble'

We switched the TV on the room and I was delighted to see the Masters was on and my man Sandy Lyle was in contention. I would be able to watch the last round on Sunday night, I was beginning to relax, in fact enjoy myself.
We planned next day to visit Raffles, the famous Hotel and then visit the world famous Food courts. A great day out was planned and to top it all we had the final round of the Masters to watch.

It was striking how clean Singapore was, but it was very hot and the humidly was as bad as I have ever experienced.

We had an excellent day that Sunday, the shopping was fabulous and I remember buying a Sony Walkman at a superb price. The food Courts were busy and bustling, the food was sensational and like Hong Kong, the Chinese influenced food was nothing like the bland U.K versions.

We returned to the Hotel exhausted but satisfied, it was a great but unexpected day. We switched on the TV, Sandy was still in there, it was all very tense. He got a late birdie to bring him level, there was one hole to go.

Sandy required a birdie to win or a par for a playoff.

He drove the ball, disaster it went straight into the bunker, Sandy had blown it, I thought.

Sandy squared up took a swing  and the ball sailed to the middle of the green, it stopped and started to move again and got closer to the hole. Sandy had quite a long putt for the win. The putt rolled to the hole, I was silent the crowd were silent, the ball turned at the last few inches and into the hole and dropped.

'Sandy has won the Masters I screamed'

I jumped up on the bed, up and down screaming and then fell off onto the bedside table smashing it to several pieces. I didn't care, Sandy was the Masters Champion and I had a great time in Singapore.

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Pet Shop Boys - What Have I Done to Deserve This Ft. Dusty Springfield
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10 September 2013 at 10:41

Still like this song... Dusty's voice always does it for me.
I've no interest in golf I'm afraid but had to comment because your description of Singapore is just how I remember it from the one time I went there in 1996. (Love your piano bar request, btw!) I've been sitting here beaming as I read it because I stayed in.... The Cockpit!! Yes, it was fine, but I did find the name a bit offputting! I can still remember the exotic-looking (and smelling) cooked dishes that were available at the breakfast buffet, all those Chinese meaty stew things...but I just wanted toast.
Didn't make it to Raffles but I did visit the Shangri La which was the most OTT hotel I've ever seen.
Thanks for the memory joggers!

10 September 2013 at 11:07

C - Well i'll be dammed, ain't that a coincidence....I would have like to have gone back and shud have as my sister stayed there for about 10 years. Like your new pic...very left bank.

10 September 2013 at 18:12

...And now I understand why the bedside table in my hotel room looked as if it had been all broken and glued back together ;-)

Perhaps you'll go back there again some time? I wonder if the Cockpit is still there.

Musically, one of the weirdest parts of my trip was hearing the Cranberries 'Zombie' played out at full volume in a shopping mall, it seemed so wrong somehow!

14 September 2013 at 08:00

I've no interest in golf either (or any sport come to that!), but when you write about it, I can't help but get drawn in by your enthusiasm. A great tale Old Pa, capped off by a little hotel room destruction - very rock 'n' roll!

16 September 2013 at 10:38

An absolute classic song, probably my second fav of the PSB after 'Left to My Own Devices'. Remember it well when it was number one in the charts, I think I had returned to the UK for that 6 month period. That was horrible and a mistake. Good description of Singapore, I enjoyed it there from what I saw as it was only for a layover. A good way to ease in before I went on to Hanoi and after that experience, Singapore was very much 'Asia Lite'.

Did u get busted on your return to Saudi?