Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Mouse Outfit - 'Sit Back' / 'Shak Out'


Yes yes y'all...It's the school run y'all, I'm cruisin' in my Fiat Multipla bobbing my head to The Mouse Outfit, y'all.

The Mouse Outfit - 'Sit Back' feat Truthos Mufasa and Black Josh (2013)

The Mouse Outfit made a crusty old B-boy very happy this week, rekindling memories of Golden Age Hip Hop. These tracks instantly reminded me of two of my favourite Rap groups of the early 90's, American West Coaster's, The Pharcyde and Souls of Mischief, with their laid back delivery, humour and use of Jazz instrumentation.

Except that the 10 piece Mouse Outfit hail out of Manchester and are one of the UK's premier Hip Hop troupes, blending Funk, Jazz and Classic Hip Hop. I've been really impressed with their new album, Escape Music, which features a range of UK talent including Hip Hop stalwart Dr Syntax and newcomers, Sparkz.....seriously fresh!

The Mouse Outfit - 'Shak Out' feat Sparks (2013)

For more rodent orientated Hip Hop, have a look at the Mouse Outfit's website here...Or buy the album on their Bandcamp site, here....

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The Mouse Outfit - 'Sit Back' / 'Shak Out'
4/ 5


12 September 2013 at 13:51

I am not taking the Mickey when I say I like this...pretty good stuff!
Nerd Alert! the African Pigmy mouse is only 6cms long