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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 20/10/13 - Hot Natured, Breton, Deltron 3030, Darkside, Lizzie And The Yes Men

Five tracks the brought the Clangers out of retirement...

London Scouser:-
Deltron 3030 - 'Melding Of The Minds ft. Zach De La Zocha' (2013)

I haven't heard many new tracks recently so I was grateful earlier this week when Flycasual dropped this gem into my inbox. Deltron 3030 is Del Tha Funkee Homosapien who first came to my attention in 1991 when I bought and loved the single 'mistadobalina'. He then disappeared off of my radar until 10 years later when Gorillaz exploded onto the scene with 'Clint Eastwood' I immediately recognised his laid back rap style. He featured on a brilliant track on Handsome Boy Modelling School's 2004 album White People called 'The World's Gone Mad' which also features Alex Kapranos on vocals.
This track is from his latest project and features the aggressive vocal style of former RATM lead singer Zach De La Rocha. Neither of them have lost any of their edge over the past 20 plus years thankfully. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Darkside - Paper Trails (2013)

All you big Starwars fans out there have nothing to fear from this fabulous track by the Darkside, think Pink Floyd, think the Blues, think Can and it kind of sums up this track. The album version is about 5min long, but the session version, below is just over 10 minutes and these guys really get stuck in .They really get there.! It sort of complements the short version and it is not a second too long. I was going to say persevere with it and you won't be disappointed. Persevere is the wrong choice of word. In fact it's too short!

The word is perfect, enjoy.

It is from their new album  Psychic (2013), it's really good, something you can get your fangs into.

Track of the year alert!.

They should, if they have not already thought of it, release this Session version as a double CD single.. Too good to talk too!

Shell Hunter:-
Breton - 'Got Well Soon' (2013)

Now here's an interesting one. I heard it the other day on BBC6 and I instantly liked what I heard. At the time, I couldn't find the song or anything about the band so for the meantime they were shrouded in mystery. This was quite apt really as I read the band play live wearing black hoods....creepy! The London band have got their fingers in many a multimedia pie being involved in not only music and remixing, but award winning film making too. They get up to all this concocting in their artist studio nicknamed Breton Labs, which makes me think of mad scientists more than musicians! I love the dark and eerie vocals mixed in with the bouncy Friendly Fires-esque beat. Its like electronica for zombies!

Lizzie And The Yes Men - Unstoppable (2013)

Lizzie And The Yes Men are a four piece from London who describe their sound as "Tarantino surf pop".  Produced by the William Rees from the Mystery Jets, this track could easily feature on the next Tarantino masterpiece. With it's 90's guitar riffs, lovely vocals and a bass line that could start the next Pixies record, it has it all.  The video reminds me of watching live music in my local towns Bandstand, minus the strongbow.

Hot Natured - Alternate State feat Roisin Murphy (2013)

I get excited each time there's a new Roisin Murphy track, I've been a fan ever since I liked her tight sweater with Moloko. I don't know what it is about her, maybe it's her good looks, distinct vocals or probably the fact that she's a wee bit of a fruit loop that makes her so appealing. 'Alternate State' sees her team up with Hot Natured, an Anglo-American DJ collective, who have released an impressive debut album, Different Sides Of the Sun recently. It's well up to scratch, just a simple deep house tune immaculately delivered by Roisin, it's perhaps not breaking the mould but certainly raising the bar for the genre.

Peruse Hot Nature's site here...

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 20/10/13 - Hot Natured, Breton, Deltron 3030, Darkside, Lizzie And The Yes Men
4/ 5


21 October 2013 at 08:48

Nice contrast today...

LS - I like it, however middle age must have hit me as I find Zach still very angry.

OP - this is brilliant!

SH - This good, A bit like Hot Chip meets Hamburg Disco

FC - She rarely drops a stinker.

..and the winner is Darkside

21 October 2013 at 10:14

LS- this is pretty OK
SH - there is another band lately that has tried this 'mysterious' is a bit Hot Chppish!
SFW - this is sounds like 'Tarintino Surf Pop'
FC - this smells real good to me

22 October 2013 at 09:57

Another dead heat for me this week. Both versions of the Darkside tune are quietly addictive, Old Pa. I'll definitely be checking out their LP.

Shell Hunter, I also heard the Breton track on 6music and it reminded me very much of 'Asa Breed' period Matthew Dear, an album I was well keen on at the time. The video takes the darkness of the tune to a whole new level. Unsettling stuff.

24 October 2013 at 10:19

Another fine selecshan!

LS, this took me awhile to get into but you gotta love Zach and Del. Even though I have no idea what he's shouting about, he's still as angry as ever!

Old Pa, wow this is stunning. Immediately got the album and the song's straight in my top 10 of the year.

SH, this is another great track, synths remind me of LCD Soundsytem. Dance music for Zombies, like it.

Sfw, catchy and the drummer is pleasant to the eye. Perfect for the unnecessarily bloody scene!