Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Flycasual's Best Of 2013

Another year goes by and I'm entering my 40th year, I should be having a midlife crisis right about now but since I can't afford a Ferrari, I'll stick to blogging. It's been a another fruitful musical year, predominately thanks to my fellow TuneDr bloggers and contributors and for that I'm am eternally grateful.



Owiny Sigoma Band - 'Lucas Malore'


'Lucas Malore' is an ingenious blend of traditional Kenya and dancefloor London, taken from one of my favourite albums of the year, the aptly titled Power Punch, completely addictive and essential listening.




John Grant - 'Black Belt'


Witty lyrics, fantastic beat, it's definitely not something I would have expected from John Grant but his Pale Green Ghosts album certainly made my DIY hell just a little bit more bearable earlier this year.



Q.O.T.S.A. - 'If I Had A Tail'

God knows how many times I have heard this track this year and I still can't get enough. The reason is that it's probably my four and half year old son's most requested track. Whilst he's fixated by the 'vampire hugging' on the album cover, I was captivated by the immaculate drumming and the Rock n Roll swagger from a band on top of their game.



Young Fathers - 'I Heard'


Like Andy Murray in Tennis, Young Fathers were my Scottish musical champions. Releasing two mini albums this year, the Edinburgh trio effortlessly blended the likes of De La Soul and Massive Attack to create their own unique sound. 'I Heard', was one of many standouts, dark, soulful and with the coolest hotel lobby keyboard you're likely to hear this side of Lanzarote. Big ting awaits.



Kurt Vile - 'Wakin' On A Pretty Day'


Undoubtedly my track of the year. Even though it's over 9 minutes long, it's one of those songs you just don't want to end. With Kurt Vile's cool, laid back drawl, it was the perfect soundtrack to a memorable weekend spent with family when the sun finally came out this April.




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Flycasual's Best Of 2013
4/ 5


20 December 2013 at 14:53

A fine selection Flycasual. I've lost count of how many times your Track of the Week has had me scampering off to find out more about your recommendation, in fact it was you who introduced me to the Owiny Sigoma Band. Here's to many more voyages of discovery in 2014.

20 December 2013 at 14:59

Many thanks Mr Swede, I'm glad you enjoyed them as much as I did.