Wednesday, 18 December 2013

OLD PA'S Best Of 2013

Oh! boy what a year for music and thanks to my fellow mates at Tune Doctor and our fellow bloggers at Grown up Backwards and Unthought of, though, somehow, my ears have had the pleasure of some great varied sounds. I have discovered much new music, that I would not have found on my own and for that I would like to thank all my Pals. Thank you Pals!

Whittling it down to 5 tracks is always so hard and I wish it could have been 20 tracks. Anyway I hope you like my choices :

DEEP DARK WOODS - East St Louis 

I fell in love with this first hearing, a group to watch, with a hint of the Beach Boys thrown in!


JIM JAMES - A New Life 

What a voice, a slow build up to a crescendo to whistle or hum along and die for!

KURT VILE - Walking on a Pretty Day

A happy time in April spent with Flycasual with Kurt providing the sound track! 

DARKSIDE- Paper Trails (RA Sessions)

Knocked me out! This session version is equal or better than the album take. Eat your Heart out Pink Floyd!



This gets me every time. 'Love is a burning thing'. Say no more!

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OLD PA'S Best Of 2013
4/ 5


19 December 2013 at 13:03

A pretty damned solid selection here Old Pa. I'd have to go with Phosphorescent as my favourite of a great bunch of tunes.