Tuesday, 17 December 2013

SFW'S Best Of 2013

Do you remember the long hot summer? Neither do I.  but let me take you on a brisk walk down memory lane, stopping off for some mince pies, mulled wine and and my top 5 Tracks of the Year.

Tracks of the Year!

Daft Punk - 'Lose Yourself To Dance' (2013)

I can honestly say that 2014 was the year that Daft Punk (with Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams help) brought disco back.  It's safe to say that until their input, disco would only be played in 'over 40s' theme nights and weddings. An instant classic.

Just in case you missed it, this unofficial video was a highlight - and it's not too late to be using the moves at your Christmas party.

Mavis Staples - 'Jesus Wept' (2013)

Stax legend Mavis Staples became reborn with the input of Wilco's Jeff Tweedy in the producers role. Their collaboration on the album "One True Vine" brought Gospel into the 21st Century. Every song carries a gravitas and emotion and could easily bring you, and jesus, to tears. Spellbinding.

Seryn - 'Ivory Black' (2013)

Texan 6-piece Seryn knocked me out with the gorgeous, Ivory Black.  Rich harmonies, subtle layers and a fine blend of tenderness and emotion. Listen to the live or studio versions of this track and the result will be the same - it will flatten you like a runaway rhino.

George Ezra - 'Did You Hear The Rain' (2013)

Bristolian, George Ezra was one of my musical discoveries of the year. I first heard when I saw him support Tom Odell in March and I immediately thought he was some sort of "Woody Guthrie-meets-Ray Lamontagne". Ignore this baby faced assassin (with a voice of a 50 year old) at your peril. If he was around in the 60s, he'd probably be as well revered as the other Greenwich Village gang. One to watch!

Dustin Tebbutt - 'The Breach' (2013)

Dustin Tebbutt's The Breach came from nowhere.  The Breach was like a musical mammoth that appeared on the tundra after a snowstorm, I loved it then and I love it now. My Track of the Year.

Want a handy playlist? Subscribe to my top twenty tracks of the year. All are winners.  

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SFW'S Best Of 2013
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17 December 2013 at 21:48

I have to thank you once again Sfw, for introducing me to Seryn. After hearing 'Ivory Black' when you featured it in October and realising there was no new LP yet, I purchased their debut, 'This is Where We Are', which became one of my most-played albums of the last few weeks. Hopefully the new one isn't too far away.
I agree with your comments on the Mavis Staples LP. Jeff also produced 'You Are Not Alone' in 2010, which is equally great.