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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 08/12/13 - Connan Mockasin, Neil Young, Midlake, Dan Croll, The Courteeners

Five tracks that delivered like an Amazon drone...

Midlake - Antiphon (2013)

I (usually) find it difficult to listen to a band when they change their lead vocalist. So I was preparing for the worst when lead vocalist Tim Smith left midlake and they promoted Eric Pulido to the main role. I was a huge fan of their 2006 album, The Trials of Van Occupanther, and I just thought "it wouldn't be the same". This is what makes Midlakes "Antiphon" so interesting. It's subtly different but somehow feels the same (even vocally!). 70s folk-meets-soft-rock on paper sounds wrong, but I can assure you, Midlake's 2nd coming may even take them to bigger things!

Connan Mockasin - 'Do I Make You Feel Shy' (2013)

New Zealand's musically talented, Connan Mockasin, has been heralded by elements of the music press, as the 'Kiwi Prince'. Interesting, I thought but at first I wasn't so sure as it does sound like he may have recorded this in an underwater harem. Take the 'fluidy' music, high pitched vocals and amorous lyrics along with the elaborate title and you can see the similarities with the diminutive Pop icon. But it grew on me, pretty much in the same why I poopooed Prince's 'Kiss' when it first came out for sounding bloody weird but that turned out well for the both of us. A worthwhile listen, 'Do I Make You Feel Shy?', is taken from Connan's latest solo album Caramel. 'Recorded in an underwater harem'....Prince, take note.

London Scouser:-
The Courteeners - 'Are You In Love With A Notion?' (2013)

I've been a fan of The Courteeners since I first heard 'Not Nineteen Forever' way back in 2008 !! And in the battle of bands named after cars, I much prefer them to The Datsuns. Maybe it's being from Manchester and having a lead singer called Liam, now where have I heard that before ??
This is out on December 09th and it's the third single off of their third album 'Anna'. I found it memorable and catchy on my first hearing which is always a great sign. I've noticed that all the singles off of this album are much more upbeat than their previous ones.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Neil Young - Tell Me Why (2013)

I remember the time of Neil Young's,  After the Gold Rush (1970)  album. It was one of those that was so damm good you could not wait for the next album to come out. Usually you were going to be dissapointed, as really all you wanted was the same album again. When he released  Harvest (1972)  it blew me away. It was 2 out of 2 for Neil. 

That is a rare event, like an astorid hitting the earth.  (a big one)

Harvest included one of Old Ma and Moi's 'songs',  Heart of Gold. (she thought I had a Heart of Gold, heh! what did she know?)

This is the first track on Neil Young's live album  Live at the Cellar Door (2013). It is also the first track on ATGR. He played several gigs at this small intimate venue in Washington D.C. in 1970 and this album records this historic set of concerts.

It was recorded in between After the Gold Rush and before Harvest, two albums which are worthy of any music collection. There are 5 tracks from ATGR on this set..

Neil Young at his acoustic best. It's so bloody good!

Shell Hunter:-
Dan Croll - 'Home' (2013)

Dan is back with yet another great single! I remember this one vividly from when he performed it at Latitude Festival in July. He got the crowd to sing the chorus which although we gave it our best efforts was a bit wonky. He's had a pretty busy year touring heavily including most of the summer festivals but the question on everyone's lips is...where is your album Dan? When he does eventually release it, it will be like eating a bag of pic'n'mix. Every one is a winner and for me is full of nostalgia! If you like free sh*t, click here to sign up to download Dan's song 'Can You Hear Me'...
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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 08/12/13 - Connan Mockasin, Neil Young, Midlake, Dan Croll, The Courteeners
4/ 5


9 December 2013 at 13:04

sfw - a second comming is assured, great track
FC - not sure about this on first hearing...underwater harem 'tho I do like.
LS - pretty pleasant and catchy...after a few hearings you would end up humming along.
SH - i like this a lot, i will certainly listen to more by him

10 December 2013 at 17:29

sfw. Just like you I feared the worst when I heard that Tim Smith had jumped ship, but I needn't have worried. One of my albums of the year without question.

Flycasual. 'Forever Dolphin Love' is a fantastic album, but his voice and style are acquired tastes. Once you've acquired them, however, you're hooked. I'm hooked.

LS. I don't know The Courteeners at all, but this is ok indie-pop.

Old Pa. Impeccable.

Shell Hunter. According to Wikipedia (so it must be true!!!) Dan's album is due in March 2014. At last! I feel like I've been listening to his stuff on Tune Doctor forever and this one is another corker. Roll on March.

12 December 2013 at 10:25

FC - Another marmite artist, I do not know whether to love or hate. It's slinky though... and thats a start
LS - Pleasant
OP - Breathtaking! I've been listening to the album all week!
SH - Brilliant!

13 January 2014 at 16:05

Sfw, I was disappointed with the last album but this is great despite the upheaval. I will check the album out fo sho'.

LS, decent Indie fayre

Old Pa, simple and brilliant

SH, fabulous track, love the video and I'll be sharing that pic n' mix with you.

18 January 2014 at 19:18

God it's been so long but the songs on the run up to xmas seem to get missed in my household! well not this year!
SFW- i really like what i hear, i get the feeling they will be great's hoping for Latitude 2014!
Fly-I instantly get the 80's underwater thing, but isnt it on the edge of romantic cheese? not sure
LS- not my favourite song but I love everything they they do. Their album is shaping out to be pretty damn good!
Pa- what can I say, I've always got a soft spot for Neil, I like it. Especially as you can share the intiminatness of a live gig.