Sunday, 5 January 2014

DYLAN COVERS #130 R.I.P - Phil Everly - Abandoned Love/Lay Lady Lay

R.I.P. Phil Everley 1939-2014

The Brothers Everly

Growing up in the 50's and 60's it would be hard not have heard the the fabulous Everly Brothers. At one time they were my favourite group and Cathy's Clown was my favourite song for a very long time.

They had a string of great songs which still pass the test of time. I bet all you 'young guns' out there are aware of many of their hits like, Cathy's Clown, The Price of Love, Wake up little Suzie, Crying in the Rain, Love Hurts, they go on and on.

Phil may have passed away but he will always be remembered.

Bob himself recognised the major influence they had.

Here are 2 Dylan covers they released in the 80's. The first is a brilliant take of Abandoned Love and is taken from the album Born Yesterday (1985). The second cover is Lay Lady Lay and is from the album EB 84 (1984)   

EVERLY BROTHERS - Abandoned Love (1985)

EVERLY BROTHERS - Lay Lady Lay (1984)

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DYLAN COVERS #130 R.I.P - Phil Everly - Abandoned Love/Lay Lady Lay
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4 January 2014 at 13:19

Nicely done Old Pa. I was going to do my own little post in memory of Phil, but yours is perfect. The first Everly Brothers tune I ever remember hearing was 'The Price of Love'. I played it again this morning and it still sounds electrifying. These Dylan covers are tremendous too. R.I.P. Phil.